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Former George W Bush Officials Pushing For Amnesty For Illegal Aliens Proving Why It Is Necessary For the GOP To Get Rid of RINOs

RINOs are worse than Democrats, because at least with Democrats you know what you’re getting.

Former George W Bush administration officials are proving why the party needs to get rid of the RINOs by calling on members of both parties to give amnesty for illegal aliens, who do not belong here because they came here illegally. The RINOs are claiming that amnesty is “vital to the future” of the American economy.

Weren’t these people part of the same nitwit crowd who told us that NAFTA was a great idea?

Bush’s former agriculture secretary, Chuck Conner (who?) and Doug Baker (who?), former Bush senior director for border and transportation security policy, are actually lobbying members of Congress to back the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which is an amnesty program that would give out green cards to roughly 2.1 million illegal aliens who broke the law coming over our border illegally and yet work here in the US.

Baker wrote an op-ed for Fox News Titled “Immigration reform could prevent food prices from harming consumers”:

“As former officials who served in the Bush administration, we see an urgent need to address the labor shortage in the agricultural industry by fixing our immigration system. That would allow farmworkers to contribute to the economy free from uncertainty and fear and keep food on the tables of America’s families at lower costs.

Last year, the House of Representatives passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act on a bipartisan basis. The bill was a compromise solution that would permit undocumented farmworkers to earn legal status through continued employment in the agricultural sector and would make critical reforms to the H-2A agricultural guest worker program, including streamlining the application process, and allowing for year-round temporary agricultural workers.

When the Senate passes a bipartisan immigration solution for the agricultural sector, it will not only address a looming crisis, but it will send a message to millions of farmers and ranchers during a period of tremendous uncertainty in rural America. Let’s not get stymied by the partisan gridlock in Washington. A bipartisan immigration solution for farmworkers represents a unique opportunity to make progress on a priority that is vital to the future of agriculture and our economy.”

Are you kidding me? Instead of letting them work here on a visa, we’re going to give them amnesty? Technically, they should be deported, and then give them a work visa. Otherwise, they DO NOT BELONG HERE. They broke our laws.

Representative Mike Simpson (R-ID) said that the legislation that will provide amnesty to up to 2.1 million illegal aliens employed by farms in the United States “is not amnesty” when trying to justify his support for the amnesty policy.

Amnesty for immigration has always been understood legally as relief for illegal aliens who do not belong here and would normally be eligible for deportation.

Naturally, the US Chamber of Commerce lobbied Congress last year to pass the farm amnesty saying that it is “critically important to the business community.” Then let them all live in your home.

Instead, the COC this year lobbied Congress to double legal immigration and give amnesty to most of the up to 30 million illegal aliens living here. They told us it was 11 million back in the 1990s and they still use that same number, thinking Americans are too stupid to figure it out.

The lobbying for the farm amnesty comes as major lawsuits and trials are underway that reveal severe labor abuses in the nation’s legal immigration system.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) released a 54-count indictment against 24 people last year, a lot of them illegal aliens, with operating a “modern-day slavery” scheme that took advantage of the H-2A visa program to traffic foreign workers into United States for farming jobs, and many were allegedly kidnapping and raping them in the process.

About 16,000 foreign H-2A visa workers were brought in to take American agriculture jobs. By 2021, the number of H-2A workers skyrocketed to 258,000, with over 90% of the visa being given to Mexican nationals.

Each year, over a million legal immigrants are given green cards and another 1.4 million foreign nationals received visas to take American jobs.

Meanwhile, there are nearly 12 million Americans who are jobless and over 4 million more Americans who are underemployed. They all want full-time work with high wages and competitive benefits. You do the math. Now you know why former Bush administration officials want amnesty. It’s to help their business friends get cheap labor.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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