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Former Edu Sec. Betsy DeVos Blasted Biden’s Handouts: They’re ‘100% illegal!’

Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Biden’s cheap trick to win back voters in November. DeVos says that the loans are not just morally wrong but they’re illegal

“First of all, it’s a hundred percent illegal.The president has no authority to just wave a magic wand and suddenly forgive billions and billions of dollars in student loan debt. Congress has the power of the purse, not the president. Secondly, it is totally unfair to all of those who have not taken out student loans. Two out of three Americans who have not attended a four-year college or university. And for those students who faithfully have been paying their student loans down, how does that work for them?

Not to mention the veterans who have earned their tuition and earned the privilege of attending higher education because of their service. It is fundamentally unfair. It is wrong. And not only that, but it doesn’t solve any problem. All it does is mean a political payoff to voters that Biden and his administration hope to attract in November.”

Republicans and Democrats who oppose the bailout are demanding Nancy Pelosi block Biden’s plan. She shouldn’t have a problem doing so since she has spoken out against it previously.

Specifically, Pelosi said in July 2021 that “people think that the President of the United States has the power of debt forgiveness. He does not. He can postpone, he can delay, but he does not have that power. That has to be an act of Congress.”

Oh really, Nancy? Well, it’s time to earn your keep!


According to Business Insider, the lawmakers, led by Georgia Rep. Jody Hice, wrote a letter asking Pelosi to stand by those comments and declare student-loan forgiveness “unconstitutional and illegal.”

“Given your previously stated position and your leadership role as Speaker of the House, it is imperative that you act immediately in defense of our Constitution and the powers of the legislative branch,” they wrote in a letter. “Will you commit to supporting your July 2021 statement with definitive action to stand up to this blatant overreach President Biden is enacting?”

“This is an illegal act by a President desperate for a political win,” they added. “We hope you will heed your own words and act to defend the Constitution and the rule of law.”

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