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Former Democratic Congressman Facing 55 Years in Prison for Dozens of Felonies

Surprise, surprise! Another Democrat, who was actually a congressman at one point, has been indicted on a number of serious charges.

TJ Cox, who is a former House Representative of California, was indicted on more than two dozen criminal counts of fraud. Forgive me if I don’t seem overly astonished by this news given that the vast majority of Democrats are dishonest thieves anyway.

According to Politico,

The FBI arrested former one-term Democratic Rep. T.J. Cox on dozens of charges related to financial fraud, according to public records with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office.

The arrest took place around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday at the federal courthouse in Fresno, Calif., according to the records. A statement from the Justice Department said the former congressman was charged with “15 counts of wire fraud, 11 counts of money laundering, one count of financial institution fraud, and one count of campaign contribution fraud.”

The federal indictment accuses Cox of using a cluster of business entities to enrich himself while saddling business partners with losses. The document describes a scheme in which Cox siphoned off money into secret accounts and used the proceeds to pay off his own debts, cover personal costs like private school tuition and fund his political ambitions. He allegedly fabricated a board meeting to secure loan funding and lied on a mortgage loan application.

In a statement, DOJ said the California Democrat allegedly participated in “multiple fraud schemes” over a number of years. Between 2013 and 2018, he allegedly obtained “over $1.7 million in diverted client payments and company loans and investments” through off-the-books bank accounts.

If Cox is convicted, he stands to serve some serious prison time as well as some fines that would break anybody’s bank account.

For just the wire fraud and money laundering charges, he could face 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. For the campaign contribution fraud, he could face 5 years and another $250,000. But the big one, which is for wire fraud affecting a financial institution and financial institution fraud, he is facing 30 years and a $1 million fine.

This is where greed gets you in life. Your sin will find you out.

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