The new governor hasn’t been on the job long enough — three months — to earn junket rights.

Since becoming Governor of California Gavin Newsom has shown he is more concerned about people outside the United States border than he is with the people of California.

In this article by George Skelton, of the Los Angeles Times, shows the disdain that many people in California feel about their new Governor. This past weekend Newsom announced a fact searching trip to El Salvador.

The Los Angeles Times questions his motives:

Does anyone in this hemisphere not know the root cause of why caravans of Central American refugees are seeking asylum in the U.S.? Newsom quickly answered his own question in the same prepared sentence in which he raised it: They’re “fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries.”

That has been a reason why humans have migrated for thousands of years. Escaping poverty and bullies — seeking opportunity and a better life — have been root motivators forever.

So consider the governor’s “fact-finding mission” completed before he even boards the plane, right? Maybe he also could read a book and do a little Googling. That should wrap it up without spending nearly a week in dangerous El Salvador surrounded by California bodyguards.

The trip will be paid for by the State Protocol Foundation, a group of wealthy interests that funds gubernatorial junkets.

Newsom should pay for it himself. And by that, I mean personally — out of his checking account, not his political kitty that is stuffed with special-interest donations.

Anyway, the new governor hasn’t been on the job long enough — three months — to earn junket rights.

The article goes on to wonder if Newsom is getting his feet wet in foreign policy because he wants to run for president in 2024 or 2028.

But foreign policy was not one of his campaign promises. Gavin Newsom would probably serve his interests more if he could fix the education, economic, healthcare, and infrastructure problems in California first.

Source: Forget the trip to El Salvador, Newsom needs to focus on California’s problems