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Foreign Non Profit Declares War on White House to Help Dems, Plans 50 days of “Siege” Starting in September

A foreign organization named Adbusters has circulated threats that they will declare war on the White House, led by an Eastonian/ Canadian named Kalle Lasn, who was also responsible for the Occupy Wallstreet movement, and his new plans include declaring war on the American Election system and on Capitalism by occupying DC for close to two months ahead of the Nov. 3rd Presidential Elections.

The group has offered a tactical briefing saying, “The Occupy anniversary arrives September 17th, 2020. And it may be the perfect day to trigger another global big-bang moment — a massive collective action of the sweetest kind of disobedience.”

We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days. This is the #WhiteHouseSiege.

The Adbusters Media Foundation is a Canadian-based not-for-profit, pro-environment organization founded in 1989 by Lasn and Bill Schmalz in Vancouver, British Columbia circulated an advertisement, calling for assistance, on Twitter recently.

Lasn is described by Gurellia Foundation as “Famous for memes like #occupywallstreet and #buynothingday, their culture jams, and the Adbusters magazine, Kalle and his team have been leading a well-designed revolution for more than 25 years to provide an alternative to the corporate-influenced mental environment we all live in. ”

Adbusters is not fond of President Donald J. Trump, as the is movement is decidedly anti-Trump.

His new movement is meant to “pull off a radically democratic toneshift in our politics” as he plans to “lay siege” and “Occupy the White House”.

The ad is meant to recruit others to join in the global movement to overthrow the White House and bring about a “Global Spring”.

According to Lasn’s group’s manifesto, “We clean up the toxic areas of our mental environment. . . make the price of every product tell the ecological truth . . reverse the upward flow of wealth. . . punish every corporation that betrays the public truth . . . make secrecy taboo. . . bend the straight line in a wobbly new direction. . . discover new ways to live, love and think.”

The group’s website boasts an updated twist to the messaging, branding, and PR of a standard Marxist cultural revolution, this one meant to destroy the foundations of the American Republic with the assistance of the other domestic terrorists and participants of the Black Lives Matter movement.

From the website, the group plans to be in DC for “Fifty days — September 17th to November 3rd.”

“Let us once again summon the sweet, revolutionary nonviolence that was our calling card in Zuccotti Park.#WhiteHouseSiege will electrify the U.S. election season — and it doesn’t stop there. Drawing wind from #MeToo#BLM#ExtinctionRebellion, and protests against Trump’s lethal bungling of coronavirus, we’ll inspire a global movement of systemic change — a Global Spring — a cultural heave towards a new world order,” Lasn wrote.

So, will this foreign invasion of our White House stand?  It is 2020 after all… perhaps it hasn’t gotten as weird as possible yet.







  1. JeffC62

    August 10, 2020 at 10:19 am

    You may get a bad case of lead poisoning, overthrow your own country.


    August 27, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    move to cuba or china if you dont like it here you commie fucks

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