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For Juneteenth Celebration, New Orleans Mayor Unveils Giant Sculpture of an Afro Hair Pic and Twitter Was Not Kind

It’s so grossly inappropriate, you first think it’s satire.

On Friday, New Orleans Democrat Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced that, in recognition of the city’s black and brown artists, the city has dedicated $7.2 million in bond funding to public art. They have already used some of the funding to purchase over 60 pieces of work created by local black artists. Remember, this is a city where Democrats used federal funding that was supposed to go toward building up their 5 levee systems to handle category 5 hurricanes but they used a lot of the money to rebuild historic statues and historic pubs that were destroyed by drunk men with beads.

The books were so cooked for the New Orleans government that they asked for a delay of a federal audit. When the government gives you millions and billions of dollars, eventually the government wants to audit that money to make sure that it went to where it was appropriated.

Since the Democrats in New Orleans squandered the gobbles of cash that the federal government gave them to go toward the Army Corps of Engineers to work on the levees, they asked for some time to hold off the audit as long as they could. Louisiana US Senator Mary Landrieu, it was reported at the time, helped to hold off the federal audit.

After Katrina, she very publicly said she wanted to punch George W. Bush in the face for how he handled Katrina. The truth of the matter was that Bush’s FEMA agency did a fantastic job handling the hurricane despite the fact that the local and state Democrats did things that really gummed up the works and made relief efforts extremely difficult.

After so much time passed, the federal government finally said it was doing the audit no matter what. It was at that point that the Democrats in New Orleans had the good fortune of having the Katrina hurricane hit the coast. I say good fortune because the audit that would have revealed massive amounts of corruption and fraud by the Democrats in New Orleans and Louisiana, which thanks to the hurricane, the audit was now put by the wayside because the Democrats immediately exploited Katrina and trashed President Bush by claiming that his racism would not allow him to help the black people in New Orleans. The American people sat back watching this unfold, scratching their heads and wondering what the hell were the Democrats talking about? The whole exploitation of the hurricane was quickly put together just to block their culpability of stealing federal money that was appropriated for something that they didn’t spend it on. To this day, we have never heard again about the audit.

I bring these things up just to give you an idea of the level of Democrat corruption in New Orleans.

On Friday, just in time for the Juneteenth celebration, Cantrell visited the unveiling of the most recent of the sculptures that were paid for with the bond funding, which was a giant afro pick with a black power fist on the handle. The black power fist was a symbol used by the radical Black Panther Party as a sign of resistance.


When I first saw this story, I thought it was from the Babylon Bee. I thought it was a joke spawned by Mel Brooks’ Star Wars parody movie “Space Balls” where Empire soldiers were ordered to comb the desert, showing white soldiers using combs to scrape the desert sand. The scene iterates through two pairs of soldiers with giant combs sifting through the sand and then the camera focuses on two black soldiers with an afro pick. It was considered funny back in 1987 and completely and utterly racist.


[embedded content]

Washington Times columnist Tim Young responded:

“A hair pick???”

‘Silently scrolls for all the Spaceball references. ‘

A woman pointed out what a waste of money and the moment in history this disaster is.

“Of all of the AMAZING AND SIGNIFICANT contributions African Americans have made to our culture in science, entertainment, music, sports, academia, etc. this is what you chose to symbolize them?! Next you’ll be “honoring” women by displaying a sculpture of a large makeup mirror.”

More people chimed in on just how inappropriate the sculpture is:

“What does a hair pic have to do with my enslaved ancestors?”

“Art is great. However when your city is literally on life support bc the crime is running rampid, wouldn’t that 7.2M be better spent elsewhere. I don’t know maybe police!”

“Holy shit, that’s real??? I’m sorry but WTF”

“I mean, they couldn’t think of one person? Not a single black person in history to look up to? A $ store comb. Made in China.”

“Yes. Harriet Tubman risked her life as an armed scout and spy for the union army and saved many slaves via the Underground Railroad so her accomplishments could be memorialized by an Afro Pick”

“This sculpture is insulting, not fitting as a celebration for freedom. Your city is filled with rich culture and you chose a hair pick. Not a person, a group, fine arts, musicians, or culinary arts. You chose a hair pick?????”

Democrats; you can’t live with them… please pass the salt.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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