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Fmr Senator Blasts Dem Elites That Scoff At Everyday Americans In This Economic Nightmare

What don’t they get?

I don’t think many Americans can rush out and buy an all-electric car right now—Not in this economy. Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) suggested just that as she laughed off American hardships. She and reps like AOC have no idea what it’s like trying to make it through a Biden economy as the White House pushes forward with the Green New deal.

During Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass) blasted the liberal elites and their delusional plight to force through energy policies without considering the financial consequences and ramifications it will have on the lower and middle class.

SCOTT BROWN: I just drove in, I paid $5.05 and that’s just for the cheapest gas I could find on the way into Manchester. In New Hampshire, diesel prices are the highest they’ve ever been and six, seven, eight days in a row, as you know, it’s going up, up, up, up. We were energy-independent less than two years ago.

The administration made it crystal clear, as you referenced, they were going to do away with fossil fuels and crush the coal and oil industries, which they are doing, they’re doing everything in their power to do so. They are trying to really re-shape the economy to go into a green economy, and [Biden] is not going to do anything because he wants that green vote. All the AOCs and all the others.

Respectfully to Sen. Stabenow, listen, she’s a multimillionaire, she probably paid cash. The average citizen can’t do that. You can’t find a cheap hybrid car because by then there already, you know, not reliable, as you know. And we can do better.

We shouldn’t be having to go to Venezuela and actually Saudi Arabia on our knees begging for oil. This is America. And the president and the vice president, the administration, Yellen especially, inflation, the border — I mean, we could go on and on. We’ve got to get our act together here. So, I’m hopeful they wake up somehow, and it’s going to be in the next election cycle.


The next election cycle might very well be the second most important election in recent years. With both sides fed up with Biden’s economy and mishandling of virtually every aspect of the role he’s supposed to play, I think Democrats are going to be on guard. It’s going to be a gruesome battle.

Erica Carlin
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