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Flynn’s Pardon Ends a Partisan Nightmare for an Innocent Man Created by the Obama FBI

Lt. General Michael Flynn’s family is now finally able to live their lives in peace after President Donald Trump pardoned the retired general, an innocent man who was setup by the Obama administration to cover up their own misdeeds, and this after serving over 30 years for his country.

The four-year nightmare for Mike Flynn ended with Trump’s pardon, and I believe the people responsible for what happened to him must be brought to justice, because if they could do it to the former national security advisor just think of what they could do to you or me.

The president’s pardon will now protect Flynn from future persecution by deep state bad actors who hate Trump and want to go at him again.  They went after Flynn originally because he was the Director of Defense Intelligence Agency and he knew where all the bodies were buried.  Flynn came out strongly against Obama’s Iran nuclear deal claiming that it was a disastrous deal that would do much harm to the United States and the world.  Being the DIA, Flynn also knew about all the corruption that went on during the Obama administration in Ukraine including a proxy war funded by a missing $7 billion.

The fact that Flynn needed a pardon in the first place was because to the very day of the pardon the deep state was still attacking him.  Attorney General William Barr had ordered a US Attorney to look at the Flynn case that was run by the FBI.  That US Attorney came back and said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) should drop all charges because of the level of corruption by fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey’s FBI, which set Flynn up from the very beginning of the ordeal.  However, Judge Emmet Sullivan, a deep stater himself, refused to drop the case, even though his part was just a mere formality.  The Democrats must have gotten to him and asked him to keep the case alive as long as possible, because as soon as Flynn was set free he was able to talk about the corruption of the Obama administration.

The former general broke no laws and was forced to plead guilty, because Comey’s FBI told him that if he didn’t plead guilty they were going to after his innocent son as well.  The fact that Comey and several other FBI agents have not been charged with crimes yet is astonishing.

Emmet Sullivan wanted Flynn out of the picture because he was not a “yes man.”  It’s a known fact that the former president surrounded himself with military brass that were yes men, forcing non yes men into early retirement.  Flynn loudly voiced his concerns over things Obama was doing, and he had to put out to pasture, so to speak.  So, the administration very publicly fired Flynn.  The general remained silent for some time.  Then, a man came along who won the White House and announced that Flynn was going to be his National Security Advisor.  The announcement was made during Trump’s president-elect period, while Barack Obama was still in the White House. Obama used that time to set up Flynn to get him out of the way.

In order to give some credibility to the phony Russian collusion narrative Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the country.  Flynn got a call from the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about the diplomats being expelled. Why wouldn’t the Russian ambassador call General Flynn, after all, he was the incoming National Security Advisor.  The phone call was perfectly normal and 100% legal.

There is much speculation that Obama waited to expel the Russian diplomats until Flynn went on vacation with his family to the Dominican Republic. This way he was not on US soil.  How do we know that Obama was involved?  Because after the list of unmasking requests came out, Flynn was not on any of them. However, the president of the United States has the right to do his own unmasking request and the president’s requests are not added in to the normal list of unmasking requests.  That’s how they got the information for the call.

When the FBI called Flynn to come in to answer some questions, soon became apparent to the incoming national security advisor that they were questioning him for wrongdoing. He asked prior to the interviews he would need a lawyer and they told him now. Flynn being a general had worked with the FBI in the past and thought that it was just a routine interview for his new position with the Trump White House.

The FBI then charged Flynn with lying to the FBI interviewers on a question about what he spoke about to the Russian ambassador over the sanctions.  Flynn never argued with them about what he said to the ambassador over sanctions, because the FBI never asked him a question about sanctions. how could he lie about a question he was never asked? How do we know this? That’s easy, because the 302 documents by the FBI interviewers never mentioned that they asked him questions on sanctions. For those who don’t know, a 302 document is the document that FBI agents use to write down every single solitaire E thing that happened during an interview, they do them right after the interview went everything is still fresh in their memory. If the FBI is going to charge Flynn with lying during the interview about a question on sanctions, don’t you think the agents would have added that information to their 302 documents? Of course they would, but there are none and therefore he was never asked about sanctions. the FBI lied.

We now also saw the handwritten notes by James Comey himself where he said that he and the FBI believed that Flynn was telling the truth during his interview. Oddly enough, those notes and the 302 documents were classified until they were recently declassified by the Trump administration.  Why hide them?

The entire legal episode for Michael Flynn was due to the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election and then trying to cover it up. Then, with Flynn coming in as the new National Security Advisor under Trump was a nightmare for the Obama administration, because remember, he knew where the bodies were buried.

At least the former general and his family can now lay their heads down at night knowing their ordeal is finally over.

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