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Flynn Storm: Gen. Flynn Talks About Evidence of Foreign Interference in Elections, Storm Brews at Jericho March

General Mike Flynn was in Washington DC to speak at the Army-Navy Football game, and also at several rallies around the Capitol City, starting with the Jericho March, who met at the US Supreme Court where thousands of people marched around the US Supreme Court in a petition for justice to protect President Donald J. Trump.

“We’re in a Battle of Good vs. Evil – It’s Time for God-Fearing Americans to fight,” Flynn said.

“We Have Serious, Serious Foreign Influence with Dominion Voting Machines” – General Flynn said, “We Have Conclusive Evidence of Foreign Influence in US Election Right Now.”

Ironically Sunday it was announced that a storm was coming, dubbed the “Flynn Storm”.


General Flynn spoke there as his first stop of the Day and told the crowd to “hold the line” in their support of President Trump, and that he understood their personal need to breathe the “fresh air of liberty.” At the March, Flynn encouraged people to get engaged in civics. He spoke a little about what the former Barack Obama administration had done to him for speaking out, and he spoke about voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

Here is his speech:

President Donald J. Trump flew over the crowd as Flynn was speaking, thrilling the audience.

Sunday General Flynn made an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures of Fox News, to continue his discussion of topics started at the Jericho March.

“We have conclusive evidence of foreign interference in our election,” Flynn told Maria Bartiromo on her show.

Flynn said the evidence is on Attorney Sidney Powell’s website:

“10 out of 10” chance that Trump will be the next commander-in-chief. “Why not look into this if, in fact, the evidence that we have is true?” Flynn opined. “We definitely believe that it is true. And so what we have to stop doing is saying [there is] nothing to see here, you know, we’re going to continue to march down the road towards a false inauguration, which the country will not allow that right now.”

Flynn also argued that the Georgia Senate runoff elections are “a falsehood that people shouldn’t even be considering right now.”

Flynn’s full interview:
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