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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Goes on Offense Against Critical Race Theory

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared war on Critical Race Theory (CRT) which tells children to always look at people by the color of their skin. Dr. Nartin Luther King must be rolling in his grave.

He insisted that you should never judge a person by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Although Florida has already banned CRT in schools, DeSantis wants to take it further and ban corporations from mandating classes in it.

DeSantis said:

“It’s also based on false history when they try to look back and denigrate the Founding Fathers, denigrate the American Revolution, doing all these different things that even very liberal historians say is not supported by the facts.”

“It needs to be taught in a fact-based way. Not an ideological-based way, and if we have to play whack-a-mole all over this state, stopping this Critical Race Theory, we will do it.” 

In June, the Florida Department of Education approved a proposal effectively banning Critical Race Theory. It also specifically bans teachers from trying to indoctrinate students.

Now DeSantis believes that the directive does not go far enough and he wants to extend it to boardrooms and employee training.

CRT can cause tension between the races and that is the opposite of what we need.

From Breitbart News

The legislation would protect employees, teachers and school staff, and ultimately students and families, he announced on Wednesday during a press conference in Wildwood.

Under the legislation, CRT training would be considered an “unlawful employment practice,” making it “clear that corporations and public sector employers violate the Florida Civil Rights Act when they subject their employees to training that espouses race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating including critical race theory.”

It also considers CRT discriminatory in the realm of education, stopping what his office describes as “indoctrination in the guise of professional development, and requires districts and schools to adhere to professional development frameworks consistent with Florida’s lawful and publicly adopted state standards.” The measure would also solidify the Florida Board of Education’s previous actions, making them law “to guard students against indoctrinating curriculum.”


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