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Flint Michigan City Council Vice President Endorses Donald Trump For Re-election [VIDEO]

On Wednesday, a lifelong Democrat, Maurice Davis, who serves as vice president of the Flint, Michigan, city council, has now endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection prior to a scheduled speech by Vice President Mike Pence in a visit to the city.

“God uses whoever he wants to to bring His people out of whatever the problem has to be,” he said.

“President Trump is full of hate? Let me tell you something, the Democrats is full of hate.”  It was at that point I saw a woman in a pink hat and one more leave the front row and walk out of camera view.

He continued saying, “I’m tired.  I’ve been a Democrat, I am a Democrat all my life, 64 years.  Last four years, I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year, I decided to go with President Trump.

“I’m not a bootlicker.  I’m not an Uncle Tom. I’m none of those things. I’m somebody that’s in a poor, impoverished community. …

“People are losing everything, and when Mr. Trump said, ‘What the hell you got to lose?’, he was talking to me.”

It’s sad that he had to justify his choice to vote for Trump by doing a pre-staving off of racist comments by Democrats who usually attack black people who leave the Democratic plantation mentality.  I don’t normally like to use the word “plantation,” because it conjures up a belief that all black Democrats fall for the leftist ideology.  But, in this case, it’s true.  Mr. Davis said he has been a Democrat his entire life, and that Donald Trump reached out to him when he was in need, while not a single Democrat ever did.

Davis, an accomplished blues guitarist, has been moving toward endorsing Trump for months.  It takes that long, because you’ve been inundated with lies about Trump being a racist from the minute he came down the elevator.  Labeling someone a racist is the Democrat’s ultimate weapon when they want to damage an opponent.  Making accusations of racism with sufficient evidence is what makes Democrats a piece of garbage.

Earlier this year, Davis was critical about the riots that came with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter protests.

“Riots, they ain’t no damn protest, they’re riots … tearing up your own neighborhoods … ‘We hate Donald Trump’ … but yet, we didn’t hate the $1,200 he sent us,” Davis said.

Davis mentioned earlier this month that he was torn between who he should vote for among the two candidates.  That’s more-than-likely because of the fear of being ostracized by the black community for voting for Trump.  However, it appears the man has made up his mind, and he’s voting for the president.

On Wednesday, he told the crowd that the Trump administration reached out to him after he had been vocal in his criticism of his party concering long-standing local issues.

“We’re tired of suffering and nobody give a damn about poor folks. President Trump, they reached out, with nothing but love from y’all, all over this nation.

“I don’t want to hear another time, I’m a Trump supporter. I’m an American supporter.”  It’s ironic, because Trump supporters always equate President Trump with the love of America.

Davis also spoke of being tired of the constant divisions in our country, saying, “Instead of being the divided state of American, it’s time to be the United States of America.”  Democrats divide the country by putting people into different groups through identify politics, and the same degenerates then go on and say that Trump is the one dividing the country.

“This nation is one nation under God. One nation under God,” he said.

Pence, who spoke later, acknowledged Davis’s support:

“It’s also great to be here, I’m told, with a lifelong Democrat. He’s a leader here in Flint. And we got some good news again, that he is supporting President Donald Trump for four more years.

“Join me in thanking Maurice Davis, Vice President of the City Council in Flint. Where are you, Maurice? Let’s here it for Maurice. I’m partial to vice presidents. Thank you, Maurice. Thank you so much.”

Folks, this is happening all over the country.  The mainstream media tried to hide the achievements of the Trump administration for Americans from all walks of life, but eventually the news gets out, mostly because people feel it.  Trump’s achievements are palpable.  Trump’s policies have made people’s lives better, and after watching the Democratic National Convention where it was all doom and gloom trashing of our country, and then listening to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tell us that the country is systemically racist and an evil in the world, people tend to gravitate toward those who tell you what they want to to do make your life better.  And that’s why Donald Trump is going to win on November 3rd.

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