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Flashback to 2001 NYT: ‘Congress Certifies Elections’, Not the Media

Some in the American media are projecting Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential election over the concerns of Americans, and over the unsettled lawsuits, in the hopes of motivating their base to assume an early victory dance.

But we have been right here before, America, and the American media know the rules. As Congressman Fred Keller posted on Twitter, on Saturday and the call had been made by CNN and Fox News that Joe Biden is the winner of the election, that it is indeed citizens, meaning their representatives, who determine the outcome of political elections.

The Media knows that too, and hs only to co back 20 twenty years to the race between George Bush and Al Gore to remember that when the Democrat was running behind, they knew it was Congress that certified the Electoral College Vote.

In 2001 The New York Times wrote,”Congressional certification of Electoral College vote, usually quick and … black House members time and again to make official the election of his … Over Some ObjectionsCongress Certifies Electoral Vote ..” they wrote.

The article is behind a paywall, but here is proof that in 2001 the New York Times understood the process of certification for the US Presidency.

Friday night, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida made statements on Fox News

“A full audit is absolutely necessary. We should get injunctions if necessary. And if I have to do it, I’ll fight on the floor of the House of Representatives to stop the Electoral College from being certified,” Gaetz said.


Lt. Col Tony Shaffer posted on his timeline that the electoral college will meet on December 14, 2020 and so it is expected that we will not know the real winner until that time.

Propaganda outlets like far left leaning Hollywood Reporter incorrectly reported that Joe Biden had been elected.

Even left leaning AP had to admit that the Propaganda that Biden had won, as of Saturday, was not accurate.

According to the AP:

“Saturday’s election verdict isn’t the last step in selecting an American president. Under a system that’s been tweaked over two centuries, there is still a weekslong timeline during which the 538-member Electoral College picks the president.

A look at the key steps:

— When American citizens vote for a presidential candidate, they really are voting for electors in their state. Those electors in most cases are committed to support the voters’ candidate of choice. The number of electors is equal to the number of electoral votes held by each state. State laws vary on how electors are selected but, generally, a slate of electors for each party’s candidate is chosen at state party conventions or by a vote of a party’s central committee.

— After Election Day, states count and certify the results of the popular vote. When completed, each governor is required by law to prepare “as soon as practicable” documents known as “Certificates of Ascertainment” of the vote. The certificates list the electors’ names and the number of votes cast for the winner and loser. The certificate, carrying the seal of each state, is sent to the archivist of the United States.”

Just remember, we have been here before:

But don’t just listen to me, here is some great research by VOA News:

Many people assume the winner of the U.S. presidential contest is determined once the media calls the race and the losing candidate delivers a concession speech. But the truth is that formally declaring a presidential winner is a months-long process that won’t be completed until January.   

That process essentially involves Americans voting for electors, the electors voting for the president, and then Congress declaring the winner.  

“There’s Election Day, where those electors are elected; there’s the date in December where the electors meet and then vote for president; and then there’s the date in January where the Congress certifies that election,” says Amy Dacey, executive director of the Sine Institute of Policy and Politics at American University.   

In addition to the Electoral College, certifying the winner of the presidential election involves the Senate, House of Representatives and the National Archives.  

This process is the result of a compromise among the Founding Fathers, who weren’t convinced voters could be trusted to choose a worthy leader.”

I will be following this story until the end.

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