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FLASHBACK: MSNBC in 2019 Reports on HOW EASY IT IS to Hack Dominion Software and ES-S Voting Machines (VIDEO)

MSNBC that now claims that accusations of voter fraud is meritless and could not have happened, did a report in 2019 showing how easy it is to hack Dominion and ES&S software. NBC News report featuring technology correspondent Jacob Ward explained how easy it is to hack into those systems. Hackers who had never seen these systems before were able to immediatelyget into the systems.

Presidebnt Trump tweeted out the report yesterday:

Ward explained in his report:

“We were there specifically to attend something called the ‘Voting Village,’ which has gone on for three years. In this, its third year, they had assembled some of the most common voting machines in the country, both systems that are on the front end that you and I actually use to register our vote, and the back end, the tabulators and so forth that you would feed a paper ballot into or that oversee a system.”

“What was so interesting was I assumed coming into it that the big manufacturers — companies like ES&S and Dominion — had provided these machines to the hackers to, you know, field test them.”

“But no. It turns out that there’s an extremely hostile relationship there and that ES&E and Dominion and other companies have basically said, ‘We don’t want to participate,’ and really have been quite aggressive in saying, ‘We don’t wanna be part of this.’” 

But the manufacturers refused to supply machines to be tested. This is where it becomes problematic. Voting Village was able to buy the machines on eBay. That means a hacker could buy a machine, find out what makes it click and how to circumvent the system and expose it to fraud.

This article from 2019 noted that the flawed system would be up and running in Georgia in time for the 2020 primaries. That is the system that many experts say (And some dispute) is the cause of a turn around from the actual votes. Georgia is expected to do a second recount, although it may not matter if they don’t match up the signatures on the ballots to the signatures on file for that voter.

Attorney Sidney Powell has claimed that there was hanky panky in the purchasing of the machines but she has not provided proof of that as of yet. And until she does we have to discount that. I have no doubt voter fraud occurred but belief without proof cannot be acted upon. Over the next two weeks Powell and Trump’s legal team will have to provide proof of their accusations or give up their quest to overturn the election.

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