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Five SEALS Are Running For Congress, Because Of Joe Biden

Five SEAL veterans are running for the US House as Republicans and recently appeared together to spread a unified message to Democrat Joe Biden and demand accountability for 400+ Americans left in Afghanistan after Biden’s disastrous retreat from the region.

Cory Mills identifies himself as US Congress FL#07 Candidate; Decorated Army combat vet; fmr. DoD Advisor/ Trump appointee; media contributor; Foreign Policy Analyst, Americans are stranded, and Biden is nowhere to be found:


The five Navy Seals running for Congress are Brady Duke (FL), Derrick Van Orden (WI), Eli Crane (AZ), Morgan Luttrell (TX), and Ryan Zinke (MT)

The candidates say they want accountability for Afghanistan’s withdrawal, where 439 Americans left behind.  According to the group, there are 196 ready to leave now.

According to American Military News:

“Five U.S. Navy SEAL veterans, who are all Republican Congressional candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections, joined together on live television this week to call for accountability for the U.S. citizens still left in Afghanistan two months after the U.S. military concluded its civilian evacuation efforts and left the country.

Former Navy SEALs Derrick Van Orden, Brady Duke, Eli Crane, Morgan Luttrell and Ryan Zinke all sat together for an interview with Fox News on Wednesday and responded to the Pentagon’s new report of 439 U.S. citizens still stuck in Afghanistan. The new Pentagon estimate of Americans left in Afghanistan comes two months after the U.S. military left the country and after members of President Joe Biden’s administration initially estimated there were only about 100 U.S. citizens still seeking a way out of the country after the military left.”

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade began the interview saying to Van Orden, “You knew when they were approximating 100, they weren’t being accurate and they weren’t being candid. Did you know it was this bad?”

“Yes, absolutely. I believe it’s worse,” Van Orden replied. “The Biden administration has a problem with competence and confidence in the American people. We do not believe the Biden administration. I still don’t.”


Mission Majority, White House, Save America -who together have recent victories, according to their Facebook page:

“Last night in Texas, Navy combat veteran Jake Ellzey won a special election for Congress! SEAL PAC thanks you for your votes and support. We supported Jake Ellzey because he is a proven conservative and is a highly distinguished military veteran including combat service with SEAL Team Five in Iraq.

SEAL PAC’s mission is to elect conservative military veterans to Congress. We have more work to do to retake the majority in Congress and kick out Pelosi. The fight for freedom never ends. Thanks again for your support!


  1. Cheryl Tolliver

    November 1, 2021 at 12:43 pm

    I heard it was a bomb threat but I don’t know 😕

  2. M B

    November 2, 2021 at 11:39 am

    Link for SEAL PAC?

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