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First Liberty Institute Lawyer Testifies That CRT Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Cannot Uphold the Constitution If She Thinks It Is Racist

On Thursday, Constitutional attorney Keisha Toni Russell from the First Liberty Institute testified in opposition to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation for the US Supreme Court, saying that Judge Jackson’s support of critical race theory means that she will not be able to uphold the Constitution if she believes the Constitution is racist. Makes sense to me.

“Every lawyer and judge promises to defend and protect the US Constitution, but she cannot uphold this oath if she believes that the Constitution and the principles of America’s foundation are racist and inherently flawed. Neither can a judge remain impartial and administer justice independently if she holds a philosophy that correcting racism requires affording privileged classes less justice than oppressed classes,” Russell said in a powerful opening statement.

She continued, “Ultimately, a judge should consider America’s history as a lesson and a blueprint for why and how we must constantly seek to uphold and protect America’s founding promises. For these reasons, First Liberty has concerns about Judge Jackson’s jurisprudence and First Liberty cannot support her nomination.”

I wonder how the Democrats will demonize Russell as she is a black woman, who I can safely assume knows what the definition of a woman is. They can’t call her a racist or a sexist. They’ll find a way because that’s what Democrats do. They will not mention Russell’s reasons for not supporting the judge, only that she is somehow evil to go against her.

I wrote about the judge’s own words painting a light on her that many people who love the Constitution will have serious questions about:

Judge Jackson was on the board of the progressive Georgetown Day School and on the Senate Judiciary Questionnaire, mentioned thoughts of her time on the board of the Georgetown Day School that are disturbing:

“Since becoming a part of the GDS community seven years ago, Patrick and I have witnessed the transformative power of a rigorous progressive education that is dedicated to fostering critical thinking, independence, and social justice.”

According to the school’s website, when Jackson was on the board, the progressive education and social justice taught came in the form of events like “Transgender Day of Visibility” that encouraged students to “Use your voice, your platform, and your network to communicate your support for transgender rights, the trans community, and transgender people, particularly trans youth and Black trans women, who are most often and egregiously targeted.”

Jackson supported indoctrinating children into enabling people who suffer from a mental disorder.  That’s child abuse.

Besides that, the school website cited “Intersectionality and Abolitionist Teaching: Centering Queer Voices.”

Russell said that her own life experience eludes critical race theory that argues that in America, white people are oppressors and racism is systemic in our legal system and institutions. It’s like using the term “institutional racism” to explain any failure by a person of color because they couldn’t find an actual racist who caused their failure. There is no way they could have failed on their own accord, so some racist must have caused it. This was actually a dominant argument in the 1980s and 90s.

“I am a first generation American and the daughter of Jamaican-born parents. Despite coming to this country and having to build a life for themselves from the ground up, my parents still raised successful children,” she said. AMEN!

Russell said that CRT pushes a “radical reordering” of our society and a restructuring of the systems that the CRT supporters claim maintain racial inequality, and for that, Russell said, it is “incompatible with a judge’s oath to uphold the Constitution.”

“CRT proponents claim that America was founded, and the Constitution was drafted, to promote racism and slavery,” she said. “Ultimately, we cannot expect a critical race theorist to defend and protect the Constitution, because CRT asserts that the Constitution is not worth defending.”

You would expect the Democrats to take pause when Russell, or anyone else, makes that argument, but don’t expect the Democrats to care about anything other than getting a woke black female on the Supreme Court regardless of what she thinks of our Constitutional system of law. It’s such a sad thing to see.

“Such a view completely contradicts the oath every judge takes. This is an especially problematic view for a justice who will sit on America’s highest court, which often has the last word on the liberty the Constitution guarantees. If we adopt the anti-American views of CRT, we will see the eradication of the principles that made America the freest and most successful republic in history,” she said.

Russell also pointed out that CRT expects government-sponsored racist actions to counter racism and that would interfere with a judge’s fairness and impartiality.

“CRT encourages racist actions and attitudes against the perceived ‘oppressor’ group, namely whites. Ibram X. Kendi, one of CRT’s advocates, brazenly declared: ‘The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.’ In essence, CRT proposes that the oppressed group must be granted advantages in society to the detriment of the oppressor group in order to address past injustices,” she said, adding:

“If a judge believes that the only way to correct racism is to provide advantages to blacks and disadvantages to whites, this would create dire injustices in that judge’s practices. A judge who is a critical race theorist may decide to provide a lower sentence for a black defendant or a higher sentence to a white defendant to correct perceived disparities in the criminal justice system. Such a philosophy will impact a judge’s fundamental view of legal justice and undermine her ability to adhere to the rule of law. Such racist favoritism is odious to America’s foundational principles and the furtherance of a free society. Focusing on race only exacerbates the problem of racism. A judge who embraces CRTs views may engage in favoritism and partiality, contrary to the judicial canons.”

Russell also noted that a judge must uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary to keep the system strong. There is no way Jackson can do that if she subscribes to the idea that she must consider “systemic racism” in how she would rule because she would have to believe that the judicial system is racist. This all stems from the fact that a judge is supposed to adhere to the standards of the Constitution. Unfortunately, many judges today try to legislate from the bench to give the Democrats what they cannot get through the normal legislative process.

“CRT does not consider how cultural upbringing, mindsets, or family and community involvement can change the trajectory of people’s lives and ultimately address the racial disparities that exist in our society. CRT does not acknowledge that regardless of the struggles that people face in life, we are all individually responsible for the lives we live and the success we attain. Instead, CRT makes race the predominant relevant factor,” she said.

“A judge must maintain independence and the integrity of the law. To do so, she must acknowledge that people are responsible for their actions, despite the racism or setbacks they may have experienced, and that people deserve justice even if CRT defines them as ‘privileged,’” she said.

I don’t know about you, but Keisha Toni Russell has restored my faith in the Constitutional system in that there really are still professionals out there who understand and agree with the standards of Constitutional law that must be maintained regardless of political ideology. I believe most conservatives understand this, while at the same time, I believe most leftists do not. And if they do understand it, I don’t think they care.

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