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FINALLY: Now Even the Mainstream Daily Mail is Curious About Possible FBI Plant Ray Epps

You know things are getting serious when even a mainstream media newspaper like the Daily Mail begins investigating the alleged FBI plant, Ray Epps. When you consider all of the political prisoners who never even entered the Capitol being held for 11 months without bail or any constitutional rights whatsoever, it makes you wonder how someone who was obviously trying to incite a riot and whom everyone knows about is never arrested.

Whether you believe Epps was an FBI plant or not, you have to admit that there are some very suspicious things he was involved in. On January 5th and 6th, Epps is seen inciting Trump supporters to charge into the Capitol Building. There are eight entrances to Capitol Hill and Epps led to the breach of one of those entrances. The only entrance where protesters would not meet up with police resistance. Why would police guard 7 of the 8 and leave one unguarded?

Yet, throughout it all, in the end, there is no evidence that Epps ever entered the Capitol Building. Why not? One possible explanation could be that if he led the mob into the Capitol and he was an FBI plant, that would be a clear-cut case entrapment.  But, the biggest sticking point is that Epps is now well known and everyone, including the FBI, knows where his farm is but he has never been arrested for inciting a riot.

From The Daily Mail Online

And he was named Suspect 16 when the FBI published images in its Capitol Violence Most Wanted list of people to identify two days after the insurrection, which claimed five lives.

However, a dramatic twist has now seen him accused of an altogether different, an unproven, allegiance – that of FBI plant.

Suspicion has fallen on him from some right-wing quarters speculating a fringe theory that he was sent out to help incite the riot on behalf of the federal government. 

Some on the far right hypothesize that the motive was to frame Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

There is no evidence that Epps, who was a sergeant in the military, ever entered the building himself on that fateful day and he was never arrested in connection with the storming. located the veteran at his Rocking R Farms wedding and hospitality business, which he runs with wife Robyn, 63.

In a hearing in the House with Merrick Garland testifying, Rep. Thomas Massie played a video of Epps and then he asked garland point blank if the FBI used agitators to stir up the crowd. Garland refused to answer the question.

How is it that people who are accused of misdemeanors have been held in the DC Gulag for 11 months without bail, but Epps, who incited people to riot is walking around free and has never been arrested? Inquiring minds want to know.

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