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FINA Creates New Policy That Bans Transgender Swimmers From Competing Against Women In Elite Sporting Events

Finally, a decision that makes sense in the real world.

On Sunday, the international governing body for swimming competitions, FINA – wait for it – has established new policies for transgender swimmers. The new restrictions bar transgender athletes from competing against biological women in elite events, except under one condition.

FINA voted to prevent transgender athletes from competing in elite women’s swimming competitions, because they are men and have an unfair advantage. The rule banning men from competing against women goes into effect starting Monday. FINA will, however, allow transgender swimmers [men] to compete if they have completed their transition by the age of 12.

“This is not saying that people are encouraged to transition by the age of 12. It’s what the scientists are saying, that if you transition after the start of puberty, you have an advantage, which is unfair,” James Pearce, spokesperson for FINA president Husain Al-Musallam, told the Associated Press. “They’re not saying everyone should transition by age 11; that’s ridiculous. You can’t transition by that age in most countries, and hopefully you wouldn’t be encouraged to. Basically, what they’re saying is that it is not feasible for people who have transitioned to compete without having an advantage.”

Even with the loophole, which mark my words, will get parents to force their children to transition by age 12, this new rule is going in the right direction. At least now we have a governing body that is recognizing that transgender women are biological men and have an unfair advantage when competing against real women.

Another new policy referred to by FINA as an “open competition policy” will allow transgender athletes to compete in another category. FINA said in a statement that “a new working group that will spend the next six months looking at the most effective ways to set up this new category.”

“We have to protect the rights of our athletes to compete, but we also have to protect competitive fairness at our events, especially the women’s category at FINA competitions,” Al-Musallam said in a statement.

“FINA will always welcome every athlete. The creation of an open category will mean that everybody has the opportunity to compete at an elite level,” Al-Musallam continued. “This has not been done before, so FINA will need to lead the way. I want all athletes to feel included in being able to develop ideas during this process.”

This means that transgenders can compete in what will ultimately result in a transgender category that would be fair competition. Transgenders cannot create a whole new type of athlete under rules that were established for men and women, declare the established rules, which are acceptable by 99% of the world’s population, as bigoted against transgenders, and expect to be taken seriously. A new type of athlete brings a new type of competition category. That’s fair.

FINA executive director Brent Nowicki said, “FINA’s approach in drafting this policy was comprehensive, science-based and inclusive, and, importantly, FINA’s approach emphasized competitive fairness.”

FINA put out a 24-page summary of its policy change. The governing body consulted three groups of experts in the fields of athletics, human rights, law, and science. They shouldn’t have had to go to all that trouble, but they probably wanted to stave off the LGBTQ+ mafia from calling them every name in the book for not fully enabling people who suffer from a mental disorder that is listed in the DSM-5.

The group advised:

“Biological sex is a key determinant of athletic performance, with males outperforming females in sports (including Aquatics sports) that are primarily determined by neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory function, and anthropometrics including body and limb size. The extent of the male/female performance gap varies by sport and competition, but the gap universally emerges starting from the onset of puberty. The group reported that there are sex-linked biological differences in Aquatics, especially among elite athletes, that are largely the result of the substantially higher levels of testosterone to which males are exposed from puberty onwards.”

Wow! Science!

The group pointed out that the hormone testosterone, body structure, and muscle function give transgender athletes special benefits that a “biological female athlete cannot overcome that advantage through training or nutrition.”

Finally, a decision that makes sense in the real world.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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