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Filmmaker who Claims Trayvon Martin’s Trial was a Hoax, Slams LeBron James

Joel Gilbert wrote recently in an American Thinker piece that famous pro-Communist NBA Basketball player was “being played by the media again, and considering the size of his platform and prior attempts to perpetrate hoaxes upon the American people, James’ comments should be carefully vetted, but the leftist media is only elevating this person.

LeBron James, who was central in organizing outrage over the 2012 Trayvon Martin death, posted a tweet and within 19 hours got 1.2 Million views and hours and hours of media coverage from TV networks, fueling discussions to Millions of people about stories the media has framed as motivations for historic carnage in too many of America’s Democrat-held states and towns.

Just one simple tweet was almost instantly trending on Twitter: 

The tweet, out of context is not clear, but diving into James’ timeline it appears that he is talking the death of another Black man that the media is trying to exploit with false information. The media instantly understood the meaning of James’ tweet, as if the whole thing was pre-arranged.

James had retweeted a post by Benjamin Crump who was the attorney for the family of Martin days prior. 

Gilbert slam-dunked James’ gesture, reminding people that James had also been the message carrier for what is now unfolding to be a potential race hoax that ignited civil unrest in 2012, the Trayvon Martin trial. 

Glibert wrote:

“For LeBron James, being played by the media is nothing new.  Back in 2012, James got played in the Trayvon Martin case, big time.  LeBron James, the fool, wrote messages on his sneakers: “We want justice” and “RIP Trayvon Martin.”

As I detailed in my new film, The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America, prosecutors used the statements of a false witness to issue an affidavit of arrest for George Zimmerman, charging him with second-degree murder.  The case proceeded to trial in 2013 in what was the most flagrant case of judicial fraud in modern history.  Despite the fact that the state’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, was an imposter with a made-to-order storyline, Zimmerman was rightly acquitted.”

James made viral news Thursday with one simple Twitter post, and numerous Democrat/Media allies made sure it got very high profile exposure. James, therefore, is a Community Organizer and his focus on events and tactics has great power to bring about policy changes as a centralized messaging point for protest groups, and the American public needs to understand his influence.

The tragic death of Trayvon Martin ignited domestic uprisings around the country with the narrative that Gilbert’s movie exposes as fake news, and the players of that messaging laid the foundation for the current domestic chaos we see unfolding with numerous disturbing police shootings and deaths.

And now James has his targets set, not on playing Basketball at all, but on bringing about the most progressive anti-police, pro-Communist agenda, right before the 2020 Presidential election.

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