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Female Comedian Tells Pro-Life Men They Will “never know how good it feels to kill a baby”

Actress and stand-up comedian Ashley Barnhill posted to Twitter in 2019 that “men against abortion are just jealous they’ll never know how good it feels to kill a baby.”

Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles resurrected the tweet from August 2019, writing that, “A vote for Biden-Harris is a vote for this”:

Barnhill’s Twitter account is only visible to “approved followers”, but the screenshot shared by Knowles shows over 500 retweets and over 1,700 likes.

Barnhill is known for her vulgar humor, and that’s likely what we are seeing in this post more than an actual statement on her beliefs about the unborn’s personhood.

The Austin Chronicle notes that Barnhills’ strength is found “in the caustic, surprise one-liner” and that her “style frequently skews morbid, from the slow death of a relationship to actual, real, slow death.”

Indeed, in the one stand-up comedy routine I dared to watch on Youtube, Barnhill opened her time by joking about how she enjoys sexual harassment. (I linked to the video for reference, but I don’t recommend watching it).

It’s likely that Barnhill falls in lockstep with the pro-choice argument that the unborn don’t have personhood qualifying them for Constitutional protection under the 14th Amendment.

Commenters on Twitter pointed out that it was likely just a joke, with one commenter calling out Knowles for engaging in the same “cancel culture” that conservatives decry.

But a topic as sensitive as abortion (a procedure that statistics say 1 in 4 women undergo by the time they’re 45) should be handled with care, not dark humor.

Either Barnhill is making a claim that an unborn child is indeed a human being and that women take some kind of pleasure from killing them in utero, or she is engaging in dark and tasteless humor.

Does she have the free speech to do so? Yes, and I’m glad she does. It gives us a sneak peek into the mind of the opposition.

For some on the pro-choice side of the aisle, abortion is a joke. As such, they can launch their one-liners at pro-lifers with a laugh, conveniently forgetting that many women live in depression and shame following their abortion.

The death toll after 47 years of legalized abortion has risen above 60 million.

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