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Feds May Release ‘Alternative’ Mueller (Weissmann) Report Soon to Harass Trump

Apparently, Mueller top aide Andrew Weissmann was not happy with the official, Mueller Report on Russian Collusion that determined neither Trump nor any of his campaign workers conspired with the Russians during the 2016 election, so he wrote his own.

This was discovered when Weissmann wrote his book on the subject, which can be found in the fiction section of your favorite bookstore. The New York Times has requested that report via a FOIA request.

The report has to be reviewed before its release can be approved. With corrupt officials Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland in charge, the review is not an obstacle. However, if anything, in the report was actually confirmed, it would have been in the original Mueller Report.

Weissmann is not known for his honesty. He once destroyed the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen LLP and sent executives to prison, although it was proven later that they were innocent. He destroyed 85,000 jobs.

Weissmann also sent four Merrill Lynch executives to prison on made-up charges that were reversed, but not before the four were bankrupted and disgraced.

Weissmann has a long history of having his “victories” reversed in the courts.

From The Hill

We all lose from Weissmann’s involvement. First, the truth plays no role in Weissmann’s quest. Second, respect for the rule of law, simple decency and following the facts do not appear in Weissmann’s playbook. Third, and most important, all Americans lose whenever our judicial system becomes a weapon to reward political friends and punish political foes.

It is long past the due date for Mueller to clean up his team — or Weissmann to resign — as a sign that the United States is a nation of laws that are far more important than one Weissmann.

Politico reported on the existence of the report, which contains as Weissmann refers to it as “our conclusions.” But, if his conclusions held water, they would have been contained in the official report.

Conclusions from Weissmann is why he destroyed Arthur Anderson and the four executives from Merrill Lynch. You can bet your last dollar that this alleged report is as honest as his two other prosecutions were. if he was truly honest, that report would begin, “Once upon a time….”

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