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Federal Workers, Lawyers and Members of Intelligence Community Caught on Video Plotting to Shut Down White House if Trump Wins [VIDEO]

On Sunday, dozens of leaked documents and Zoom video footage were made public revealing plans by progressive activists, including federal workers, to disrupt and destabilize Tuesday’s US presidential election outcome, with schemes to “shut down the White House.”

The leaked information can be seen  at a new website or at and they will be updated with additional content over the next 48 hours.  All of the information has been handed over to law enforcement.

A whistleblower from the “Sunrise Movement,” a network of liberal activists mobilized throughout the country with the intentions of creating the mayhem, havoc, and chaos parts of the coming coup that we reported on back in the beginning of September, should it look like Trump will win Election night.

The documents and video footage discuss a well-organized effort to shut down federal buildings, including the White House, along with the Congress, and including public transportation when the election returns start coming in.  The Sunrise Movement is part of 400 different hubs of different leftist activist groups.

Here is the “Shut Down DC” Zoom video.


During one of the Zoom calls a “Shut Down DC,” a spokesman states:

“We have been in discussion for a couple of months about how to respond to different contested election scenarios.  The first step is we think we need to start the post-election phase in the streets, so we invite everyone to come to BLM (Black Lives Matter) Plaza any time after 4:00 on election night.  On the 5th, we’re going to shut down the White House.  On the 6th, we’re going to shut down larger parts of DC and then the following week, all the mainstream groups are going to come to DC and try to have a march on the 7th.”

This is what I wrote about back in September where a group of radical activists, including many prominent Democrats, got together and held war scenarios where one represented the Democrats, another represented the Republicans, while another represented the courts, another represented the military, etc.  In the end, they determined that if Trump wins what they are looking to make happen is “a street fight, not a legal battle.”

Here’s a Zoom call video of federal employee activists including attorneys and members of the intelligence community, conspiring to use their positions of power to disrupt and destabilize any election outcome that would be favorable to President Donald Trump.  That’s sedition.  They should all be fired immediately.   Don’t ever let someone tell you that the deep state doesn’t exist, because here some of them are.


The community of progressives has enlisted a number of key players together with Lisa Fithian, a long-time organizer and trainer including stints with Occupy Wall Street and numerous unions.  In the video describing tools and tactics to close down DC, she states:

“Whoever’s got the guns can win – let’s take over the buildings!  We are going to be in a crisis but we want it to be one that we are creating.  We want to make sure that we are on the offense and not the defense.  We want them to be responding to us and not us responding to them.”

I don’t see any “crisis” happening that the leftists won’t be the ones creating.

I don’t know what they think they’re going to achieve, but they are going to cause some people to be hurt.   You can’t run around causing chaos, havoc, and mayhem without people’s safety becoming an issue, especially if you’re going to stir up trouble in the streets.   We saw riots and protests after the 2016 election results, and those was pretty bad for back then, but when compared to what we went through this summer and what is about to happen in cities across the country, those 2016 snowflakes getting upset and looking for safe spaces will look more like a picnic in the park compared to what the coming insurrection that has been planned for months will look like starting election night.

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