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Federal Prosecutors Tried to Force an Underage Girl to Lie About her Father…He Gets Convicted Anyway on Five Counts After His Son Became an FBI Stooge

January 6th defendant Guy Reffitt, whose son secretly recorded him as a stooge for federal prosecutors has been found guilty on all five charges against him. Prosecutors wanted to call the daughter too. They wanted to say that her father was dangerous and that she was scared of him, She refused. “I never felt threatened by my Father,” Peyton Reffitt told reporters outside the courthouse.

The witnesses against him other than his son were Capitol Police Officers, FBI Special Agents and fellow protester who was given immunity to testify against his fellow protesters. I blame the lawyer Refitt had. He did not call a single witness, including Peyton, who could have refuted many of the charges against her father and testified how prosecutors badgered her to lie. He didn’t even let Refitt testify on his own behalf. He obviously can demand a new trial because of lawyer malfeasance.

According to her Uncle Nathan Reffitt:

“Payton was saying the prosecution was feeding her what she needed to say on the stand, instead of Payton in her own words describing the events. She said she was not going to say what the prosecution was telling her to say. I am very sure they coached Jackson as well. That’s what they decided not to put Payton on the stand- because she was not going to do what she they wanted her to do.”

According to Sarah Reffitt, the 24 year old sister of Peyton and Jackson:

“All the evidence and recordings the prosecutors presented were taken out of context.  “For example, when Dad said “traitors get shot”, he was NOT threatening my siblings! He was absolutely not talking about my brother and sister like the DOJ, media and prosecution keep implying. He said that in the context of a different discussion and they keep manipulating it. He was telling us about how people in certain countries can act like traitors. We are my Dad’s whole life and the only thing he cares about is us. I love and miss my Dad so much.”

Here is what Nicole Reffitt had to say outside the courthouse after closing arguments today about the suffering her family has endured at the hands of the government:


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