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Federal Prosecutors: Illegal Alien Stole Disabled Veteran’s Identity to Get Welfare Payments and Used it To Get Drivers License

This story should be a wake up call to Americans about the more than two million illegal aliens the Biden administration has allowed to come into our country, many of them getting caught by border patrol and then released into the country and go on to commit crimes against Americans.

Before leftist morons put words in my mouth, I am not saying that all illegal aliens go on to commit crimes when they are living in our country illegally. Of course, they broke the law by coming here and living here illegally, but I am talking about illegals committing further crimes that harm Americans. With that said, there are a lot of illegals that commit crimes in the US.

One of them is named Fernando Arroyo-Alonso, a 59-year-old illegal alien from Mexico who was convicted of stealing a disabled American veteran’s identity to get public welfare benefits and then committed crimes using the veteran’s identity.

Federal prosecutors got the conviction of Alonso for his crimes and the illegal alien was just sentenced to federal prison for a year and a day for stealing the Social Security number off a disabled American veteran.

Prosecutors said Alonso put in an application to receive Title XVI Supplemental Security Income in May 2019, cash payments that are secured for the elderly, the blind, or disabled Americans, and he used the disabled veteran’s social security number.

Here’s where we really need to be concerned. Prosecutors said that the illegal alien used the veteran’s social security number to get an Ohio driver’s license. The scumbag was living in Ohio, yet the veteran did not. The illegal then committed crimes using the veteran’s identity. He probably voted too.

After he serves his prison sentence, Alonso, the illegal, will be deported back to Mexico, so that he can return someday and the Biden administration will give him cash, free medical, and a place to live, all at taxpayer expense.

Liberals love to say that “immigrants” do not commit as many crimes as American citizens, and if they didn’t intentionally conflate illegal aliens with legal immigrants, more people would understand that legal immigrants are wonderful people, the overwhelming majority of which do not commit crimes when they are here. However, illegals commit far more crime than Americans proportionally. The liberals just don’t want you to know that, so they conflate the numbers of both groups.

A 2020 federal audit showed that close to 400,000 Americans have had their identities stolen by illegal aliens and they’re not even aware of it. The federal government never notified them either after they discovered the identities were stolen. You would think that since the federal government is the entity that is allowing this kind of crime spree to happen in the first place by scooping up as many illegals as possible and dumping them off in an American town near you, that they would at least have the decency to tell you that there may be crimes committed in your name by an illegal alien who stole your identity.

Federal auditors found in 2019 over 883,000 employment identity theft cases from reviews of more than a million tax returns. Close to 400,000 identify theft victims out of that number were never told by the IRS. From that number, over 133,000 children’s identities were stolen and their parents were never notified. That’s made possible because the federal government now forces parents to obtain a social security number right after birth for their children. You would think employers would look up the age of the social security number employment applicant who likely cannot speak the English language.

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