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Federal Judge Shuts Down Biden’s Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate For the Entire Country

On Tuesday, Joe Biden’s unlawful vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors nationwide was shut down by a federal judge in Georgia. I think that shuts down every mandate Biden has tried to shove down the American people’s throats.

The mandate that would have affected a quarter of the entire workforce across the United States was set to begin on January 4, 2022. There are a lot of private sector companies that are also federal contractors like Merck & Company, Google, GM, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, IBM, and many others.

The Georgia lawsuit that got the federal contractors’ mandate shut down came after a federal judge in Kentucky granted a preliminary injunction involving a lawsuit in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Read the Georgia lawsuit here:


The Biden administration’s federal contractor vaccine mandate ignited a firestorm of federal lawsuits from states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas that argued the Biden administration does not have the legal authority to require experimental injections and that Biden’s vaccine mandates are against the US Constitution, something I am almost certain he never read.

With what we currently know about the vaccines, there is no reason to do a vaccine mandate. The vaccines do not work in the capacity that we normally think of vaccines. They do not provide immunity. Immunity indicates that you will be immune for life, like a polio shot. The vaccines wane after so many months. In fact, for some people, natural immunity will last longer than the vaccines. And the gaslighting by the Biden administration is so bad that they are telling you that the vaccines are safe and they are effective, but you better get a booster shot. Why would you need a booster shot if the vaccines work? You’re not supposed to talk about stuff like that.

The Biden wants his vaccine mandate to use the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to force private employers with more than 100 employees to require their workers to get the jab. OSHA’s mandate is to get employers to provide safety precautions and measures for their employees who could be hurt on the job by performing certain dangerous tasks that need to be performed in order to produce the product or services the company provides. Things like providing hard hats for workers who work on construction sites where falling debris could hit them on the head. Employers are not asking their employees to work with COVID, so there is no need for them to force their employees to get the jab. The whole idea is ludicrous.

The shutdown of the federal contractor vaccine mandate comes as there are numerous challenges to the OSHA vaccine mandate in appellate courts. The Fifth Circuit recently halted the OSHA vaccine mandate.

What’s more, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Biden administration’s request to move the case to Washington, DC, where they could judge shop for an Obama-appointed judge who would gladly allow forcing Americans to get vaccines injected into their bodies that they don’t want, which I consider is a crime against humanity. The Sixth Circuit also rejected the administration’s request to hold it on abeyance, which means a state of temporary suspension.

It’s not looking good for vaccine mandates for a virus with a 99 percent survival rate. Thank goodness we still have some judges who honor the US Constitution because the Biden administration sure doesn’t.

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