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Federal Judge Rules Against Lawsuit Seeking To Block Parts of Georgia’s Election Integrity Law

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What most people don’t know is that though Democrats have been very active in saying that there was no widespread voter fraud, there are liberal groups galore behind the scenes fighting in courts to remove any and all election integrity laws that red states are enacting after the Big Steal in 2020. Their argument is, you guessed it, racism, even though none of the states wrote a single line of racism into their election laws.

A lot has been going on in Georgia after Governor Brian Kemp signed their election integrity bill into law. On Wednesday, a federal judge denied a left-wing election integrity group’s petition to have parts of the Georgia election integrity law invalidated prior to runoff elections for the state House, according to the Associated Press.

The Coalition for Good Governance had filed a lawsuit asking for an emergency order to shut down parts of the Georgia law related to election observation and the deadline to submit absentee ballot applications before the elections. Isn’t it funny how leftist groups give themselves flowery names even though they’re always up to no good?

In this case, US District Judge J.P. Boulee refused to “change the law in the ninth inning,” referring to Supreme Court precedent that guides courts to refrain from changing existing election rules when an election is imminent.

“Election administrators have prepared to implement the challenged rules, have implemented them at least to some extent and now would have to grapple with a different set of rules in the middle of the election,” Boulee wrote in his ruling. “The risk of disrupting the administration of an ongoing election … outweigh[s] the alleged harm to plaintiffs at this time.” But that’s exactly what the Democrats wanted.

While Boulee would not grant the emergency order sought by the plaintiffs, his ruling does not preclude parts of the Georgia law from being struck down at some time in the future.  The full lawsuit is still pending in a federal court. The lawsuit is one of eight federal lawsuits challenging Georgia’s election law. The Georgia legislature struck a nerve with Democrats who are freaking out that many of their cheating tactics have been closed down.

The Big Lie Democrats and leftist lunatic voting rights people are claiming is that Georgia Republicans are trying to suppress black people from being able to vote through voter ID requirements and other changes made by the new law. The biggest insult to black Americans and other minorities is to tell them that they are too stupid to be able to get a legal form of ID. It’s not like you don’t need one to do almost anything in today’s modern world.

The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) is also currently suing Georgia, claiming that its new election law unconstitutionally discriminates against black Americans. Of course, they can’t provide a single piece of the legislation that does that, but they have to put the word out that Republicans are racist prior to an election just to rile up minority voters because the way they control the people is through spreading lies to cause fear. Anyone who has read the Georgia election integrity law, which I have, comes away wondering what the Democrats are talking about, because not only does it not have anything in it that discriminates against anyone but it makes it easier to vote. In fact, Georgia’s election laws are less restrictive than New York or California, yet we don’t see Democrats filing frivolous lawsuits against those blue states.

The left-wing group’s lawsuit challenged provisions of the Georgia law that weren’t really highlighted that much, such as a restriction on observing how someone votes while they are in the midst of casting a ballot (Why would they be against that?),  a rule forbidding election observers to discuss information they see while processing and scanning absentee ballots with anyone besides other election officials; a ban on estimating the number of absentee ballots cast; a ban on photographing voted ballots; and a shortening of the time period to submit an absentee ballot application to at least 11 days before election day.

Georgia has many ways someone can vote and there are no rigid rules that make it any more difficult for voters than the normal and expected outlays of effort expected from a citizen who wants to vote. Democrats just want to cheat and the provisions inside election integrity laws prevent a lot of the ways they have over the years.

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, said, “This is just another in the line of frivolous lawsuits against Georgia’s election law based on misinformation and lies. We will continue to meet them and beat them in court.”

Raffensperger has a lot of his own problems in how he handled the 2020 election, one of which where he entered into an illegal consent decree with the Democrat leftist lunatic Stacey Abrams that changed the way ballot signatures were verified helping Democrats cheat. Many say he did that because Abrams lied about voter suppression every chance she got since she lost her gubernatorial race in 2018. He tried to give an olive branch.

Marilyn Marks, executive director of the Coalition for Good Governance, voiced her disappointment with the judge’s ruling but vowed to press on with the lawsuit.

“We’re concerned about the voter confusion that will no doubt occur with these little-known rapid changes to the rules, including the required information on ballot applications and the short deadline for applications to be received in this last week before the election,” Marks said.

Nonsense. Democrats need to stop insulting their base by claiming they’re too stupid to know how to vote.

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