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Federal Judge Orders DOJ to Stop Extracting Data From James O’Keefe’s Phones After FBI Raid

The judge may have ordered it, but don’t believe the corrupt FBI will comply, although they will claim they did. This has nothing to do with Ashley Biden’s diary in my opinion. Just look at the facts. James O’Keefe had possession of the diary, but his journalistic integrity prevented him from publishing it. He then tried to give it back to Ashley, but her lawyers would not accept it, so he turned it over to the authorities months ago.

So, why would they need to raid his home? Even if he had a copy of the diary, it was published online by the National File before the 2020 election. It is readily available, So, what would the FBI really want? My guess is they want to know what he is working on about COVID and election fraud. That would make much more sent than Ashley’s diary.

But, they may not be doing Biden any favors because up to now, no one could say the diary was really Ashley’s, but by their actions, the FBI is pretty much confirming that it is. The judge has set a timetable:

1. By November 12, 2021, the Government shall confirm via email that it has paused its extraction and review of the contents of Petitioner O’Keefe’s phones;
2. By November 16, 2021, the Government shall provide the Court with its response to Petitioners’ motion;
3. By November 19, 2021 Petitioners shall provide the Court with their reply, if any.

From The Gateway Pundit

A federal judge on Thursday ordered the DOJ to stop extracting data from James O’Keefe’s phones after the FBI raided his home.

Last Friday, the FBI conducted a raid of two New York addresses of people connected to Project Veritas as part of an investigation on how Ashley Biden’s diary was made public shortly before the 2020 election.

In October 2020, Ashley Biden contacted the feds and reported several items were stolen in a burglary, including her diary.

Project Veritas never published pages of Ashley Biden’s diary, however, another conservative site did.

The FBI used Ashley Biden’s diary as an excuse to raid O’Keefe’s home and intimidate him since he’s exposing the truth about voter fraud and Covid vaccines.

James O’Keefe’s New York home was raided by FBI agents on Saturday morning in a stunning attack on the First Amendment and free press.


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