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Federal Court Embarrasses Biden – Overturns Yet Another Anti-American and Racist Policy


Joe Biden has used executive orders to flip our country upside down. Many were nothing more than attempts to reverse successful policies implemented by President Trump. Others were specifically designed to target American freedoms.

Biden executive orders and his administrative policies have decimated our country. One of the most glaring is Biden’s assault on our energy industry. His actions have created the worst spike in gas prices in history. There have been others, equally damaging.

Each of these actions is driven by the radical far-left. Progressive Democrats are pulling Joe Biden’s puppet strings. It’s obvious. The vast majority target America’s white middle-class. One was a racist policy to ban white Americans from receiving COVID-19 relief funds.

The Biden administration wanted to only disburse these essential funds to minorities. It’s the strategy of the far-left. They want to do everything in their power to destroy America’s overburdened middle class.

This time, it didn’t work. Substack’s Glenn Greenwald first reported the story. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Biden’s racist policy. Despite being ordered to disburse payments without race as criteria, you can bet they’ll still try.

However, it was refreshing to see the U.S. legal system work as designed. Greenwald explained the key parts of the ruling. Greenwald referred to the law that was passed along party lines in March. The law granted priority status to restaurants owned by specific racial or ethnic groups.

If a restaurant can show that one of these groups owns at least 51 percent of it, it will be moved to the front of the line. This doesn’t sound very American to us. It also totally contradicts the left’s so-called “all-inclusive” approach.

All-inclusive to Democrats is all-inclusive, but only if your skin is the right color, or you migrated from the right country. If you’re anything else, we’re sorry for your luck. One restaurant had a white husband and a Hispanic woman as owners.

Since the husband owned the primary share of the restaurant, the couple was not eligible for prioritized assistance. President Trump-appointed Circuit Court Judge Amul Thapar wrote the majority opinion.

Thapar called out the government for what he referred to as a “scattershot approach.” He denounced the Biden administration’s giving preferential treatment to supposedly “socially and economically disadvantaged” groups.

Greenwald went on to insist that the law “effectively relegating struggling businesses owned by white males or ethnicities and nationalities excluded from a priority designation to the back of the line.” The law also gave preferential treatment to women.

The order also gave preferential treatment to Chinese and Japanese decedents, but not Libyans or Moroccans. This is just another example of the far-left’s racist attacks on America. The final ruling was 2-1 against Biden’s order. We wonder what the dissenting vote was looking at?

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