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Fed Up Tulsi Gabbard Rips Into Trans Loons For ‘Abuse’ And ‘Harassment’

Tulsi Gabbard is about to get slapped with the ridiculous label of ‘TURF’ by the left, but from the looks of things, she doesn’t give a damn.

The former U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard is about to get slapped with the ridiculous label of ‘TURF’ by the left but from the looks of things, she doesn’t give a damn.

Women are being trampled by the trans movement and anyone who attempts to stand up for women’s rights gets demolished or canceled by the deranged left.

She discussed in an interview with Newsmax’s Greta Van Susteren how several female swimmers who unfortunately had to swim with Lia Thomas were subjugated to competing against or with a man who arrogantly knows he’s a man and brazenly bragged about it in front of real women.

“In the in the women’s locker room Lia Thomas was exposing male genitalia and boasting about how [he is] still dating women and going out with women and these girls felt sexually harassed and threatened, and went and reported to their administrators and were told to be silent,” Gabbard said on the newscast.

She also criticized the poor leadership of the Biden administration, which has been a big proponent of blurring the lines between the genders and allowing men like Thomas to infiltrate women’s sports.

“You see the Biden administration really rejecting the objective reality that there are biological differences between a man and a woman of male and a female,” Gabbard said, adding that she wants to stand with female “brave athletes” and speak out against the Biden Administration and others who are “hurting girls and women.”

She shared the interview on Twitter writing, ”

Denying the biological differences between men and women not only threatens women’s rights, it threatens our safety.

Not only are we shutting women out of competitive sports, we are also shaming girls into silence in the face of abuse and harassment.”

Lia Thomas is just one of the many male athletes taking advantage of the trans movement—No matter how he identifies. In MMA a trans person named Fallon Fox has demolished female fighters, nearly killing one woman.

Yet, feminists are all too afraid to speak out against his brutality because they don’t want to be called ‘TURFS’.

Just in case you didn’t know, TURF stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminism” or as I like to call it—Standing up for biological women no matter how much it hurts their feelings.

Erica Carlin
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