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FEC Chairman Makes Explosive Pronouncement: ‘This Election is Illegitimate’

The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission came out with an explosive announcement, saying that from what he has seen in Pennsylvania, and reports he’s been getting from elsewhere in the country, this election is illegitimate.

This is incredible news. I know that those that Fake News networks don’t think so, but it is because this guy, Trey Trainor, is the official head honcho Federal Election Commission guy, and he just said that the election is illegitimate.  Sure, the Federal Election Commission is the government body that enforces campaign finance laws, but being involved in investigations of fraud in campaign finance law allows you to get a reading on voter fraud in general.  He is a plain-spoken man who has no problem saying it like it is.

He dropped the explosive statement on the Fake News media during an appearance on Newsmax, the new Fox News after Fox fell to liberalism thanks to Paul Ryan when he made the announcement that he believes, “that there is voter fraud taking place in these places.”

No official in any of the key battleground states can give a single legitimate reason to block observers from being able to observe the vote count. That is what gives us transparency and faith in our election process. The ballot counting must be illegitimate if those things happen.

This guy isn’t some state official or a left-wing activist anchor on CNN who thinks he has the right to declare who’s president, Trey Trainor is a federal election official, which means he carries more weight when it comes to calling federal elections legitimate or illegitimate.

What’s more, he’s the chairman of the commission, the top guy on the Federal Election Commission.  Being in that position the man knows a thing or three about the legitimacy or illegitimacy of an election.  Is pretty much seen it all and he knows what to look at and how to look at it when it comes to voter fraud accusations period.

During his appearance on Newsmax’s “National Report,” Trainor said, “Despite winning a court order which allows the Trump campaign to send observers to watch ballot counting in Pennsylvania from six feet away ballot watchers ‘have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way.’”  The workers in Philadelphia just ignored the court order and continued to block the observers right to observe.

The chairman points out that “when observers have been permitted to watch, the goalpost has been moved away from the six feet required by the court order.” if you were looking for transparency there you weren’t gonna find it.  “They have not been allowed that meaningful access,” he said, adding, “There has not been transparency in the election” concluding, “this election is illegitimate.“

“Our whole political system is based upon transparency to avoid the appearance of corruption,” Trainor said. “State law allows those observers to be in there. If the law isn’t being followed then this election is ‘illegitimate.‘”

During a press conference on Saturday the Trump campaign made a big announcement.  They announce that they will go to the mattresses for this in the courts.   As Rudy Giuliani said, the media doesn’t get to decide who won the election, and when that’s stolen from the voters, it goes to the judges.

Trainor believes that the claims being made by the Trump people are “very valid allegations,” he believes must be “fully vetted” by the courts.   He also believes the allegations are strong enough that they will wind up in the US Supreme Court.

This is pretty much how everyone who voted for Donald Trump feels.  You don’t see the Biden campaign or any of his supporters wanting to get down to brass tacks and investigate if there was voter massive fraud. The reason for that, more than likely, is because they know that their side cheated.

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