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FBI Thwarts Assignation Of Former President Exposes Major Border Security Risk!

Do you want to talk about border security and why it’s a serious problem? What about the attempted or planned assassination of a former president that was unfoiled by the Department of Justice Tuesday?  The FBI has caught an alleged ISIS conspirator in Ohio who was planning to assassinate former President George W. Bush, according to NBC News.

Shihab Ahmed Shihab, an Iraqi citizen, legally entered the United States and settled in Columbus. While applying for asylum, he tried to marry a woman with citizen status in order to obtain his immigration status. The FBI began investigating Shihab for immigration or visa fraud, initially — but what they found led them to a more in-depth investigation.

According to a search warrant, Shihab told an FBI informant that he was planning to smuggle people through the Mexican border to murder Bush. Agents began conducting in-person surveillance, tapping and tracing phone calls and having undercover informants talk with Shihab to uncover more information.


Shihab told one of these sources that he wanted to smuggle four Iraqi nationals into the United States. Two of those people included ex-intelligence agents for the country and another was the secretary for an ISIS financial minister. After that, they’d work to acquire guns as well as a sliding-door van to assassinate the former president.

According to other reports, In subsequent discussions with the informants, Shihab allegedly said he “wanted to be involved in the actual attack and assassination of former president Bush and did not care if he died as he would be proud to have been involved in killing former president Bush.”

According to the FBI, plans went so far as to map out a detailed plan to carry out the assassination. I’m not a huge fan of Bush’s but likewise, I don’t want to see terrorists (real terrorists) using our currently lax border laws to kill any American.



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