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FBI Refuses To State That It Did Not Commit Crimes During Jan 6 Riot, Encourage Violence

Jill Sanborn, FBI Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch, answered a lot of questions about the FBI involvement in the January 6th protest at the Capitol when she refused to answer a single question as Se4n. Ted Cruz bombarded her with questions about the FBI’s involvement. Sanborn admitted that she knew who Ray Epps was but refused to deny that he acted at the behest of the FBI.

The two had the following exchange:

CRUZ: I want to turn to the FBI. How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6th?

SANBORN: Sir, I’m sure you can appreciate that I can’t go into the specifics of sources and methods.

CRUZ: Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th? Yes or no?

SANBORN: Sir, I can’t. I can’t answer that.

CRUZ: Did any FBI agents or confidential informants commit crimes of violence on January 6th?

SANBORN: I can’t answer that, sir.

CRUZ: Did any FBI agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on January 6th?

SANBORN: Sir, I can’t answer that.

Cruz later said:

“A lot of Americans are concerned that the federal government deliberately encouraged illegal and violent conduct on January 6th. My question to you and this is not an ordinary law enforcement question, this is a question of a public accountability, did federal agents are those in service of federal agent actively encouraged violent and criminal conduct on January 6?”

There are several videos showing Ray Epps inciting people to riot and to break into the Capitol, but curiously, he did not enter the Capitol himself, which would be entrapment and he has never been arrested for doing far more than 99% of those the FBI did arrest. Other than the fact that he was working for the FBI, what could possibly be the reason he has been given a free pass? I can’t think of a single one, can you?

In the recent past, a member of antifa was caught at a conservative protest with a live pipe bomb and he was allowed bail, but not the ones arrested just for being at the Capitol on January 6th. The FBI has a lot of explaining to do. But, don’t you bet on the fact that they will.

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