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FBI Jackboots Use a Battering Ram to Break into Home of Sherronna Bishop Who Helped Flip 9 School Board Elections

Jackbooted FBI agents raided the home of Sherronna Bishop, who helped flip 9 school boards in favor of parents over the radicals that had been in control. She says the FBI used a battering ram to destroy her front door. The door will not close.

Christopher Wray and Merrick Garland may not be Hitler and Rommell but they will do until something better comes along.

They claim they are not targeting parents as domestic terrorists while at the same time targeting parents as domestic terrorists.

The reason they gave for raiding her house was over election integrity. They also raided the home of Tina Peters at the same time.

You may remember that Peters was the county clerk of Mesa, Colorado who was ordered by Secretary of State Jena Marie Griswold to illegally destroy all election records from the 2020 election.

Knowing that was illegal, she made a copy of the records before deleting the voting machines. She obeyed the law, whereas Griswold broke it, but whose home got raided?

Bishop was associated with peters, which also made her a target as well as being the campaign chairwoman for the Rep. Lauren Boebert campaign, making her a triple threat to the corrupt Democratic Party and its SS officers of Biden’s Third Reicht.

Biden is making a concerted effort to tell parents how to raise their children since he did such a great job with Hunter and Ashley.

Bishop said:

“While homeschooling my youngest children, the FBI along with Mesa County Investigator Matthew Struwe decided it was necessary to bust open my front door with a battering ram and put me in handcuffs while they trampled through my home terrifying my family. My daughter was pulled around by her hoodie by one of the FBI agents.”

“It is still unclear to me why the FBI, (Colorado Secretary of State) Jena Griswold and the Mesa County DA, Dan Rubenstein, believed such brute force was necessary with children in the home and myself being a law-abiding citizen with no criminal activity. I have been transparent to any organization that wanted to speak with me, even initiating a briefing in September with Mesa County Officials and the DA’s office to present election information.”


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