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FBI “Informant” Paid $50k By FBI Is Called Out In Court For His Role In “Whitmer Kidnapping” Plot

Federal law enforcement is being used as a political weapon by the progressive left. Agents and court officials, each with profoundly liberal political ideologies, are weaponizing their powers against U.S. citizens. America’s balance of justice is dangerously out of alignment.

This type of abuse of power is most commonly found in third world banana republics. Americans are watching as the progressive left uses this same corruption to take full control of our country. It is a power grab by the corrupt ruling class elite.

There are crooked Republicans involved. By remaining silent, these conservative traitors are complicit. Voters must begin to hold these individuals accountable. However, in the meantime, liberals are infiltrating conservative groups, purposefully working to trigger chaos and confusion.

Tons of evidence has pointed to federal agents being heavily responsible for the chaotic events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. There are additional examples of where federal law enforcement has purposefully infiltrated groups with the focus of promoting violence.

One incident has made national headlines. In October 2020, the FBI announced the arrest of 13 men suspected of a plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The supposed plot to kidnap and possibly kill the liberal governor seemed suspicious from the outset.

As the criminal cases against each of the defendants unravel, the notion that this was a fabricated plot to boost Whitmer’s public perception becomes an increasingly likely explanation. Liberals were trying to make Whitmer a victim. She’s anything but.

Now, it appears an implanted informant played a huge role in the phony kidnapping plot. What the group of men were really doing was what they referred to as their “civic duty”. They were not trying to kidnap the governor. They wanted to arrest her for her crimes against the state.

But an FBI informant helped trigger the otherwise civic-minded incident into a contrived plot. The heat is now on the FBI after it was reported that this informant was paid $50,000 to orchestrate the scheme. Our own FBI paid 50k to concoct a phony kidnapping of a liberal governor.

The trial of Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. has brought to light a number of disturbing revelations. Not only was the informant paid $50,000, he tried to instigate the men to shoot the governor. Defense attorneys questioned the FBI informant.

He was Dan Chappel, known as “Big Dan.” The former Army veteran supposedly joined the small group to “keep his gun skills sharp.” Chappel had no desire to keep his shooting skills sharp. He was purposefully paid to infiltrate the group and trigger a crime.

When asked about the suggestion of shooting Whitmer Fox’s attorney, which is hearsay, Chappel was reminded that “You said it would look like a hunting accident?” Chappell responded that he was “just trying to fit into the group.”

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson has closely monitored these criminal cases. Carlson has exposed damaging allegations against the FBI. The popular Primetime host openly questions the FBI’s role in the Whitmer scheme. Carlson is confident that the FBI is attempting to entrap the men.

The entire group was recruited on Facebook. The FBI planted a female agent, “called a honey pot,” to sleep with Barry Croft. Agents smoked pot with Croft. One FBI agent text messaged Chappell that the mission was “to k*ll Governor Whitmer.”

Does this type of corrupt plot sound familiar? If it does, it’s because it is. Federal law enforcement, including the FBI and DOJ, has been turned against conservative Americans. The crooked higher echelons of these agencies have especially targeted President Trump.

But he’s not the only conservative American in the corrupt left’s crosshairs. The sitting Attorney General used his powers to label parents as domestic terrorists. No one can explain why certain “FBI associates” were not arrested or charged in conjunction with the January 6 sham.

This is an ongoing effort by the left to weaponize federal law enforcement against anyone who disagrees with them. It is the stuff that banana republics are made of. It is not what America stands for. We must stand up against this tyranny. We must do it before it’s too late.

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