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FBI Follows and Questions Citizen Journalist After He Confronted Alleged Jan 6th Fed Informant Ray Epps

Now, we have more reason than ever to suspect Ray Epps is an FBI informant planted on January 6th to stir up the crowd. Even with multiple tapes of Epps inciting the crowd to violence and leading to the crash through police lines and towards the Capitol. Despite that Epps has never been arrested. How can that be when the FBI is arresting anyone they can prove were at the Capitol that day?

. Two citizen journalists – Kyle Clifton and AmericanGreyson confronted Epps outside his ranch and they asked him about his role in the J6 riots. This spooked Epps and he jumped onto his golf cart and retreated inside his property. That encounter was naturally suspicious. Then comes the FBI.

MUST SEE VIDEO: Suspected Fed Operative Ray Epps Confronted at His Ranch on His Role in January 6 US Capitol Set-Up

The two citizen journalists were contacted by Epp’s daughter., Tiffany Jones ad she told them that she does not know for sure if Epps was an informant but that if he was it would not come as a surprise to her. Also, after she found out about the murder of Ashli Babbitt. She says that she holds her father as responsible for that for a string to get the p[people to crash into the Capitol.

On October 5th, Grayson saw a car suspiciously following him. He continued to drive home with the groceries. As he was tending to the groceries, he heard a knock on the door. It was the FBI. He invited them. They began questioning him about Ray Epps. They pretended they did not know anything about Epps.

From The Gateway Pundit

Unsurprisingly, he wanted nothing to do with their line of questioning. Once he realized what the pair was there to do – he hopped on his golf cart and hightailed it away.

On the eve of the January 6th protests, Epps can be seen on multiple videos encouraging the mayhem that eventually ensued the next day. In one video from the 5th, he can be seen wearing a MAGA hat while defending Antifa and telling the crowd, they needed to “go into the Capitol.”

Epps can be seen on another video from the 6th leading the charge towards the Capitol. Once he arrives at the police barricades, he leans forward and says something to the people at the front of the line – which is when the agitators began their real push forward and knocked down the fencing. 

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