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Fake ‘Proud Boys’ Website Created and Emails Sent to Threaten Democrats

Back in August, a totally fake website of the Proud Boys was built to ostensibly collect information on people who support them, and now someone is using spoofed email to make threats against voters while pretending to be coming from the Proud Boys, and it’s all a farce.  But that won’t stop the Left and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) from reporting on it as if it’s true.

The spoofed email address that looked like it came from the Proud Boys, was reportedly sent to at least one resident of Brevard County, Florida.

Here’s some of what the email says:

“Hi (name) We are in possession of all your information You are currently registered as a Democrat and we know this because we have gained access into the entire voting infrastructure. You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you. Change your party affiliation to Republican to let us know you received our message and will comply. We will know which candidate you voted for. I would take this seriously if I were you. (Voter’s address).”

Liberals have pounced on the fake email to further demonize the conservative group.  It’s bad enough that the Left lies about the group being a white supremacist organization, but now they’re faking threats as if they’re coming from the Proud Boys and using the fake threats as a cudgel.  Here’s the real charmer: if a group suddenly co-opted a Black Lives Matter group and sent out phony emails threatening people to vote for Biden or else, the same media would do actual journalism to find out that the whole thing was a fraud.  But, because the leftists news media has a built-in set of preconceived notions about the Proud Boys, false preconceived notion that they helped fabricate, they will do no verification process at all, and just run with the fake story.  This is what happened here.

The crazy part is that the Left has deemed the Proud Boys racist, because they point out the hypocrisies of the Left when they hold prayer vigils only to be attacked by ANTIFA and other leftist fascist groups, and you just knew they would try to link Donald Trump to them, even though he has said he knows nothing about them.

The email, came from an address that shows up as “[email protected] via” Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio is now working with the FBI in an attempt to find out who is behind the hoax.

Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit, “I have never witnessed such a blatant disinformation campaign in my life. We are watching in real time a left wing propaganda machine spin a story to instill fear in American hearts.”

“The ProudBoys are being used as pawns in this campaign. The Emails that were sent out used a masking service to hide its origins. We would never send out mass emails or mass SMS to anyone, including our supporters. I have been in contact with the supervisor of elections in Alachua county and the FBI in order to find these criminals and put them where they belong…in prison,” Tarrio continued on to say.

“Regardless of my differences with democratic voters, no American should be intimidated during these times. I am speculating, but I am almost certain this campaign was made by a left wing agitator. A Florida representative by the name of Anna Eskamani retweeted this blatant lie in hopes that her followers were dumb enough to believe it. It’s incredibly dangerous that an elected official use her position of power to spread misinformation like this. But this is the current state of the Democratic Party,” Tarrio added. “We condemn the individuals that did this and we hope they are brought to Justice soon.”

Remember when the guy with Patriot Prayer was shot in Portland?  That was the same night that the real Proud Boys website was hit with an intense DDOS attack that it knocked the site offline.  Two days prior to that the leftists created the phone Proud Boys website.  The whole thing was a setup.

A DDOS attack stands for Distributed Denial of Service.  The way it works is a website can only handle so many people trying to get on it.  Most sites can handle a large amount of people at the same time, just look at the censoring site Facebook.  A DDOS attack is when a hacker sends millions of pings, or fake connections trying to get on the site at the same time, and it eventually overwhelms the server, and the site is taken offline.

Two days before they did the attack, they bought and created a similar looking website, except this site was made to collect personal information from people who may be interested in joining the group or who just wanted information about them. The real website is, which is now back up and running.

On the fake site are two forms that ask for names, email, and phone numbers, and there a box to write a feedback message.  The phony site also provides a phone number that people can call or text, which will also provide this malicious group with information.

“Before this attack happened a new domain was purchased on the 29th. It is misrepresenting our organization by saying we’re against race mixing, amongst other things. There has been a mass SMS campaign used to promote this website the same day, which coincidentally was the same day Jay, a Trump supporter mass murdered in cold blood,” Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit at the time.

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