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Fake News Reports Lies About Pfizer’s Involvement With Operation Warp Speed

The Democrats have corrupted just about everything in our lives.

Monday morning’s news about Pfizer showing a 90 percent effectiveness rate in its soon-to-be-available vaccine ought to have been a moment of national unity and celebration.  Beyond that, it should have been treated as an incredible achievement of the Trump administration and its efforts through Operation Warp Speed to develop a vaccine. However, no sooner had the news come out than the usual suspects like the New York Slimes and Washington Post went out of their way to make sure Donald Trump got no credit for it.

Kathrin Jansen, the head of vaccine development at Pfizer was quoted by the Times saying, “We have never taken money from the US government or from anyone,” and then she went on to state that Pfizer was never a part of Operation Warp Speed.  That just not true.  In fact, it’s a bald-faced lie.

As NPR reported back in July, the government reached a deal for close to two billion dollars to help distribute the vaccine.  In July, Pfizer itself gave a press release where they announced that the US government put in an initial order for 100 million doses at about $1.95 billion.   Money didn’t go into the vaccine’s research and development, but Pfizer most certainly did take government money, and they was forced to walk Jansen’s statement back.

Even Wikipedia mentioned Pfizer is a part of Operation Warp Speed.  Go find it quickly, because the leftists at Wikipedia read this and have it taken down.

Look right here:

 Newsweek updated the story to give the following clarification:

“This page has been updated to clarify Jansen’s comments following further details from a Pfizer spokesperson. The spokesperson clarified that its vaccine is linked to Operation Warp Speed, though its research and development has not taken funding from the federal government. The headline was also updated for clarity.”

There’s a game that’s played by news media outlets, and it’s really despicable.  Instead of the news being that rather than having to wait the normal span of years to come out with a vaccine, the Trump administration’s efforts through Operation Warp Speed saw to it that a vaccine will be out before the end of the year, and according to those involved in the creation of the vaccine, Operation Warp Speed did not eliminate any safety precautions or steps in the manufacturing of the vaccine, but instead these lying bastards in media are going out of their way to try to take away any and all credit from Donald Trump.  Truth is not sacred to left-wing news outlets.  We’ve known that for at least four years as they got Pulitzer prizes for writing lies about Russian collusion, and they still haven’t apologized for it.  But you would think something as serious as a vaccine for what the Left has labeled the Armageddon of viruses, they would at least give some credit to the Trump administration, and apparently, that’s too much to ask.

Seriously, was it too difficult for the Times do a little bit of research to find out that Pfizer was in fact a part of Operation Warp Speed?  Would it have killed them to even care about it?  I’m sure they heard of Google.  Maybe they use Bing?  Pretty sure Bing would have told them too.  Out of all the people who work at the New York Times, including the writer who reported that Pfizer wasn’t a part of Operation Warp Speed to the editor to let it slide, not a single person believes in following up for facts when it means Donald Trump will be trashed?  What a disgrace.

This is what we have become accustomed to since Trump was first elected.  You just know darn right well if a Trump person had made that claim, the New York Times would have done the research and they would have pointed out the bullschtein.

What it really comes down to is the Paper of Record is not real journalism.  Journalism died in the 1990s and now we have a bunch of leftist activists who claim to be journalists, with a penchant to trash our president at any cost, including their own reputation.

No matter how many lies the Fake News media tell about Donald Trump and his administration, the vaccine(s) coming out, as well as the fantastic therapeutics of late, are a product of the hard work done by the men and woman who worked in Operation Warp Speed.  And you can take that to the bank.

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