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Fake Fact-Checker Site Snopes Co-Founder Nailed For Plagiarism Using a Fake Name

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

It’s getting more and more difficult to tell the difference between actual news stories from my favorite satire site, Babylon Bee. My second favorite is The Onion, but the Bee is conservative.

The so-called “fact-checking” site Snopes, which has readers in the double digit millions, built a reputation for uncovering the truth. And in the beginning of their venture they may very well have believed in that mission, but they haven’t followed that original path in years. In fact, they are just as phony, left-wing biased, and corrupt as the rest of them.

The irony that escapes many people, including a lot of conservatives who never really thought about it, is fact-checkers like the Washington Post, The New York Times, and other Fake News outlets lie to their readers every day of the year, most of the time so blatantly it could be considered gaslighting, and they expect us to take their fact checks seriously.

In the past I used to be a C-SPAN junkie and I would watch a Congressional debate as it unfolded in realtime, and later that evening I would see CNN or MSNBC report on what happened during the debate I watched with enthusiasm get spun so far away from reality I had to wonder in what universe do these news outlets operate? Snopes is as Fake News as the rest of them.

But Snopes went above and beyond the call of gaslighting. David Mikkelson, the co-founder of Snopes, participated in manufacturing fake news. It’s not the first time they’ve done it, just the first time they’ve been called out on it in a long time.

Get this, Mikkelson got caught by BuzzFeed of plagiarizing over 50 articles under his name, a false name, and under the site’s name all from other news outlets. His own publication has suspended him from posting further as they begin an investigation.

If you use someone else’s work and you don’t give attribution, it’s plagiarism. Ask Joe Biden, he knows all about it.

From Buzzfeed:

David Mikkelson, the co-founder of the fact-checking website Snopes, has long presented himself as the arbiter of truth online, a bulwark in the fight against rumors and fake news. But he has been lying to the site’s tens of millions of readers: A BuzzFeed News investigation has found that between 2015 and 2019, Mikkelson wrote and published dozens of articles containing material plagiarized from news outlets such as the Guardian and the LA Times.

After inquiries from BuzzFeed News, Snopes conducted an internal review and confirmed that under a pseudonym, the Snopes byline, and his own name, Mikkelson wrote and published 54 articles with plagiarized material. The articles include such topics as same-sex marriage licenses and the death of musician David Bowie.

Snopes VP of Editorial and Managing Editor Doreen Marchionni suspended Mikkelson from editorial duties pending “a comprehensive internal investigation.” He remains an officer and a 50% shareholder of the company.

“Our internal research so far has found a total of 54 stories Mikkelson published that used appropriated material, including all of the stories Buzzfeed shared with us,” Marchionni and Snopes Chief Operating Officer Vinny Green said in a statement.

“Let us be clear: Plagiarism undermines our mission and values, full stop,” Marchionni added. “It has no place in any context within this organization.”

Snopes’ editorial staff disavowed Mikkelson’s behavior in a separate statement signed by eight current writers. “We strongly condemn these poor journalistic practices. … we work hard every day to uphold the highest possible journalistic and ethical standards.”

Said Mikkelson, “There is no excuse for my serious lapses in judgement. I’m sorry.”

The report also said that former staffers related to BuzzFeed that Mikkelson acknowledged his plagiarism and encouraged writers to do the same.

Snopes vice president of editorial and managing editor Doreen Marchionni gave BuzzFeed an internal memo to serve as a company statement. After suspending Mikkelson post investigation, she thanked BuzzFeed for being an “example of dogged, watchdog journalism we cherish.” She also apologized to staff “who are undoubtedly impacted by these findings.”

“We talk often in the newsroom about the priceless value of reputation — that we are worth no more than the credibility we maintain with our community. Our reputation is dependent on our ability to get things right, and more importantly, to quickly correct the record when we are wrong. We are committed to a lifetime of atonement through the rigorous pursuit of the facts, especially in scenarios such as this,” the statement read.

The problem here is that the Left has created a vicious cycle. The phony boloney fact-checkers are being used by mainstream news media and social media tech tyrants for the sole purpose of censoring free speech of conservatives news and social media postings with the end result of each fact-check being to gaslight those reading their fact-check. So not only are they claiming what they are fact-checking is false, they are inserting their biased Fake News while doing it.

The progressive leftists running these media corporations are using their own fake fact-checkers to lend credibility to their fake reporting of false narratives, propaganda, and pseudo events. They are tools of the Democratic Party and useful idiots of the Marxist movement attempting to take over our country.

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