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Facebook removes negative Kamala Harris comments

According to a report by BBC News, Facebook has removed negative comments about Kamala Harris posted by a hate group. BBC reported the comments to Facebook for their “racist and misogynistic smears.”

Not surprisingly, Facebook removed the comments, but isn’t doing anything about the group posting them. I’m not mad that the material was taken down. There’s no need for racial or misogynistic comments. I’m not afraid to call Kamala out on her evil actions or lies, but name calling and pulling race into is just unnecessary.

What I don’t like is the hypocrisy. 

Trump and conservatives are attacked ruthlessly everyday on Facebook and out in public and social media companies turn a blind eye. The comments made to conservatives are ignored even though they’re just as bad, if not worse than those posted about Kamala Harris.

I’ve seen people get physically threatened and called every name you could think of for being a conservative. Trump receives malicious hate every day on his social media, yet is it censored? No. And it shouldn’t be.

I don’t enjoy it, and I think people should respect Trump because he’s the president and doing a lot of good for this country, but if they want to post on social media, that’s their right.

Honestly, unless something posted has the potential to really cause harm, it should not be censored. People really should be more careful what they post and should be kinder with what they say online, but ultimately, the consequences of what they post falls on them. It isn’t Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram’s job to delete people’s comments or messages.

The reason this is such an issue is because the fact checkers that delete the comments and ignore the appeals requested by conservatives when their accounts are hacked for posting their support of Trump, are people with biases.

Everyone on this planet has a bias, it’s part of life. As much as we may try to remain objective in our jobs, the fact is, our worldview may slip through. If these giant social media companies are going to have fact-checkers, they should be people who only delete and report comments that are threats. If someone’s life is in danger, action should be taken.

If someone’s feelings are in danger of being hurt, however, unfortunately, that needs to stay. 

I’m not saying that people should go bully one another because social media shouldn’t be monitoring what we do. I’m not advocating for mean comments and personal attacks. However, the first amendment grants us freedom of speech.

Whether or not a Facebook fact-checker likes it or not, posting negative comments about Kamala Harris or support for Trump, should not be taken down.

We set a dangerous precedent if we sit back and allow these companies to just silently pick us off one by one for our beliefs. The whole purpose of social media is to keep up with people and post updates about our lives.

We’ve seen how Democrats are trying to control us with masks, mandates, and shutdowns. They’re infringing on our rights more and more everyday. If you think that Facebook will be the exception, that this won’t go anywhere else, you’re dead wrong.

Masks and Facebook censoring are just the beginning. Conservatives, we are headed to a dangerous place where freedom of speech will be eradicated and the amendments will soon be destroyed. 

Unless you’re a Democrat that is.

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