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Explosive Exclusive Report Says Officer Brian Sicknick Was Denied Life Saving Treatment, Left’s J6 Narrative Is Falling Apart

The left has exploited the death of Officer Brian Sicknick since Jan.6th as a collaborative of mainstream media, politicians, and activists- who use the sad and horrifying events of his death to cast blame on the supporters of President Donald J. Trump, in the hope of persecuting their political opponents.

The left makes use of Sicknick’s death every day.

Immediately on January 6th, 2021, the left claimed that Sicknick was killed from being hit, by a Trump supporter, with a fire extinguisher while he was on duty at the US Capitol.

Then reports came that SIcknick died from injuries on the following day, but that it was still at the hands of a Trump supporter, so it was Trump’s fault.

Then the media had to walk their original claim back in early Feb. 2021- because Sicknick did not die from an attack by a Trump supporter, as the left need for their narrative.  Reports then were that Sicknick died from a stroke after being sprayed with bear spray, of course.. by a Trump supporter. Then it was that Sicknick died from being inhaling pepper spray, which the media, of course, said was because Trump supporters were at the Capitol.

And now the story of SIcknick’s death gets even worse. There is an eyewitness account of what happened to SIcknick, and he claims Sicknick was left to struggle for life, and the Capitol Police refused to help him.

“On January 6, 2021, I was at the U.S. Capitol beginning at around 8:30 AM. Many things of note happened on that day, but the one documented here pertains to my interaction with Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick..” reads an independent media report.

So now there  is proof that the left are lying, according to David Sumrall of who brought this reporting from Tayler Hansen, the founder of Babies Lives Matter, to my attention:

From Hansen’s reporting:

EXCLUSIVE: First Hand Accounts Allege Officer Brian Sicknick Was Denied Critical Treatment By Police

One witness helped another offered life saving care

Two shocking eye-witness accounts corroborate something worse than we could have ever imagined. The Capitol Police appear to not only be responsible for the death of multiple protesters (which they lied about) but also for the death of a fellow officer, Brian Sicknick.

“Multiple J6 eyewitnesses say Capitol Police DENIED Officer Sicknick lifesaving care before he died. Not only did they kill protesters in cold blood, they reportedly left their own to die before the media happily blamed it on Trump supporters,” independent reporter Jim Miller posted in response to the shocking story of Sicknick’s death. 

More from the article:

Following January 6th, multiple Mainstream Media outlets ran with the Fire Extinguisher Hoax claiming that Sicknick was beaten to death by Trump Supporters. The Establishment used this not so carefully crafted narrative to bring forth Articles of Impeachment against President Donald J Trump— but that’s not all they did.

In a vain attempt to cover their wrongdoings, Officer Sicknick was elevated to the level of a martyr, placed in the Capitol Rotunda for three days, and honored as their hero. What better place to hide a body than in plain sight, and then move it to Arlington National Cemetary.

Please visit the article for the full story.

Hansen ends his article with a plea for people to submit any film they have to his proton mail.

“We’re not waiting for the Government to release the 14,000 hours of security footage. I’m asking the public to submit their evidence. For more breaking news regarding January 6th, you can follow me on social media and further support my team and me.

If the left doesn’t have the narrative that Trump supporters killed Brian Sicknick- what do they have left?

Going down a rabbit hole, I was one of the first people to catch the CNN report about Sicknick where the left had to walk back their propaganda.


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