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Expect Gaslighting: Democrat’s Expected to Dramatize ‘Emotionally Charged’ Impeachment Case Against President Trump

The Democrats and Uniparty in DC are going to make “Mean Girls on Parade” look like a Girl Scouting event next month when they have a world stage for tested and tried gaslighting tactics against the American people, as they present their “emotionally charged” revenge against President Donald J. Trump and set the case for why they need to pursue the American people who had the nerve to vote for him.

The Washington Post reported in the expected dramatization, and Jason Miller, one of Trump’s most trusted advisors, responded on Twitter and wrote:

“Emotionally charged” is code for “We know this is unconstitutional, but we’re going to try to put on a show anyway.” House Democrats building elaborate, emotionally charged case against Trump – The Washington Post”.


Nancy Pelosi, a political idol to the left, who appears to have benefited from insider trading deals on electric cars this month, has her second chance to attack Trump and his supporters with her impeachment fantasies.  Pelosi is completely unconcerned that, as is most of her unhinged behavior, she is pushing an unconstitutional impeachment against a private citizen, using all of her government powers to punish her political opponents.

They are exactly what they claim to hate.

It is pretty obvious that Pelosi’s target is not just Trump, but the American people.   She will make the case, without any fair investigation into the matter, that the American people’s support of Trump needs to be impeached, and she will do it by demonizing the American people.  It is a pattern of behavior for the left.

After years of ignoring riots and civil uprisings that caused billions of dollars to the country and destroyed American small businesses, the DC establishment is now investigating the American people because they dared be at the Capitol.

Consider the wild-eyed provocations by the left, who claim that they are preventing violence, out showing off their government power, constantly forcing powerless Americans into defending their freedoms and liberty.

One could make the case that the left is inciting violence every day on everything.

The impeachment of Trump is already causing some huge political divides, as Trump is not without support. According to a Rasmussen poll from Thursday:

57% of Voters Say Trump Impeachment Will Further Divide America

Thursday, January 28, 2021″Most voters say former President Trump should be acquitted in next month’s Senate impeachment trial, which they expect to make America’s political division worse,” they reported.

 Rasmussen Reports national telephone, and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters say the Senate should not convict Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors” in the trial scheduled to start Feb. 9.”


An like a total “kangaroo court” of nonsense, the Uniparty’s impeachment show trial will follow its own newly invented rules where the judge is a political opponent, a far-left radical Senator who is also a part of the jury.  In some ways, this impeachment sham is nothing but a high school popularity contest or something out of Soviet Russia.   The idea that the Democrat lawmakers are going along with this charade is telling.  Or it should be telling to the average American who supports these tactics with their votes.  If the government can persecute a wildly popular American President, they can do anything they want to any other American as a citizen.

Consider this series of tweets:

The Impeachment trial is expected to begin on Feb 9th.

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