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EXCLUSIVE: MICHIGAN WITNESS Says Many Faked Ballots in Detroit, ZERO Trump Ballots, Even Among Military!

An alleged witness claims that during her time of watching the count being done said she never saw a single vote for Trump, claiming that even the military votes were 100% for Biden.

Hima Kolanagireddy has stated that she observed the ballot count and is convinced it was crooked stating that it is virtually impossible that Trump did not get a single vote, especially from the military.

She claims she saw ballots that should have been disqualified but they were counted anyway and if they weren’t accepted, they would enter a name and then assign them a poll number so the machine would count the vote.

She said:

“Every time they would scan the ballot, nothing would come up in the system. They were entering names of people manually and assigning them a poll number.”

Votes without birthdates were supposed to be tossed according to state law but they entered a date so the vote would count. She further claims this was done with people ineligible to vote. She said they were told that the clerks office had verified the ballots missing vital information. She did not say whether they then tried to sell her a bridge.

Kolanagireddy reports :

“I took one step forward to see the dates on the ballots, they said November, space, no date, then 2020.” Upon asking the supervisor about these undated and improperly dated ballots, Kolanagireddy was told “they were just doing their job.”

“How are the numbers all next to one another? Something is not going right here. Identical signatures? No dates? And now the same series of voters, all voting for Biden?”

 “I never saw a single vote for Trump. Even the military ballots were all for Biden. We were four people who went, and only one of us saw a Trump ballot in the two days we were there.” 

Officials refused to record any objections.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Even though Detroit is a reliably Democrat city, support for Trump was high enough where Kolanagireddy’s claims, if true, seem to be statistically unlikely without the presence of fraud. Polls suggested Trump’s support among African-Americans was at about 19%Exit surveys said Trump had 12% support among African-Americans nationwideWayne County Michigan is 38.7% African AmericanDetroit is 82% African American among its estimated 667,272 population52% of military veterans said they were planning to vote to re-elect Trump

Kolanagireddy also saw the intimidation tactics used and employed to eject GOP Poll Challengers, saying “they were targeting Republicans” and noting that it was largely racially-based. When she tried to stop the ejections, they asked her why she was getting in the middle of the ejections and offered no legal basis for the removal of the legally permitted poll challengers and watchers. She says she was told, “you are on the wrong side.” She said every poll worker she encountered clearly hated Republicans, “they saw a friend in them [Democrats], and an enemy in us [Republicans].”

She also claims that the ACLU worked with the Democrats, not challenging the fact that observers were assaulted and harassed while the poll workers pulled these dirty tricks. The entire room cheered when Biden was declared the winner in Michigan.

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