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EXCLUSIVE: Joe Flynn Interview, Talking About Marxism and Militant Church

Joseph Flynn, the youngest brother of Gen. Michael Flynn, has a frank and wide-ranging discussion with Church Militant about the evil at work in the US government and the Church – and how his brother was targeted by Marxists, the same Marxists that have been at work within the US Government, and the American Church.

The Flynn family is a very tight-knit group of siblings, the quintessential American family, who have grown up together and stuck together through the public trials of their brother, and are well versed in what General Flynn experienced while he was a member of the administration of former President Barack Obama. Joe Flynn is also well versed in the foundation for the Marxist movement in America, which has caused so many problems for Americans.

Joe Flynn at one time identified as a Democrat, until he started to see problems with the ideology. He shared with me, Thursday, how he saw the Democrat party as good until Obama’s administration started to change things.

“There was something just not right about them,” Joe Flynn told me. “The Democrats used to be about giving things to people to help them, but now they are about taking things away, taking away prosperity from Americans, this is really not our Mother’s and Father’s Democrat Party anymore” Joe Flynn said.

I had seen his interview in the “Militant Church” and called him to see if he would expand on his discussion of Marxism.

Joe and I talked a little bit about the Catholic Church. I am not Catholic, I would identify as “Messianic” Christian and Jewish. Marxism is there too, we can talk about that another time.

Joe is Catholic. “The Catholic Church has been infected with these liberation theories that have their foundations in Argentina and Brazil, and those theories tie the Gospel to Marxism and Marxist ideology. That has also infiltrated our public schools and Universities, using the figures of the Gospel to talk about Marxism, which is taking people’s power, not giving people power. So now Liberal Marxism is in Schools and Churches and also in the Democrat Party. It was accelerated with Obama, Valerie Jarret and David Axelrod. Everything they did they pretended was to help people, when in fact it was to take power from people,” Joe Flynn told me.

Link to his great interview with Militant Church, a great group:

We talked a little about General Flynn’s experience:

“Marxism is about enslaving people, about Gen. Flynn, when he came back to America witnessed the changes in the Democrat Party. Under Obama the Government was filled with people who didn’t seem to have America’s best intérêts in mind. He saw radical people and began to realize that something was not right, and he spoke out about it. That is what made him a target for Obama that is when all of this started. When he noticed the change in the Democrat Party” Joe Flynn said.

“Marxists want power, but we are very hopeful for the future and mostly because of the people we see reporting on events. We call them digital soldiers, and there are young people who represent many different groups who are being active like that, and they lift us up, they are all over the world,” he said.

“I want to tell people that it is very offensive to hear that people are calling us conspiracy nuts because we are concerned for our country. That is really an insult. We actually know what we are talking about, from experience,” Joe Flynn said.

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