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EXCLUSIVE: Co-Founder of New Jersey Women for Trump Guest Column, Talks about Censorship and Flipping NJ Red

A group of women in New Jersey, assisted at times by women from around the country and posters on Facebook started a grassroots organization to engage with women in Blue New Jersey, and help flip the state red, starting with a Facebook page so they could share the campaign information and also talk about the good news of President Donald J. Trump.

The group grew very well considering New Jersey is supposed to be a Democrat strong hold, and Saturday Facebook shut the group’s page down, cutting off communication between the Trump supporters who gathered on the page.

We have the story from one of the co-founders, Tracey Ann Lore, who was with the group from day one. Below is her story.


President Trump reacted on Twitter early Sunday after Facebook reportedly removed a “New Jersey Women for Trump” group with nearly 30,000 members.

“Put them back NOW!” the president wrote around 1 a.m. ET, in a message directed to the social networking giant.

Facebook’s move against the group reportedly came Saturday, without warning, just three days before Tuesday’s election and amid concerns that conservative voices are increasingly being blocked on social media.

“People are really, really mad,” Priscilla Confrey, co-director of the group, told “When you have that many people and they’re shut down, they feel silenced.”

I was on the calls in the beginning formation of the group, and recall Lore from the beginning. I watched Lore buid this group. It was truly remarkable. I can validate this story myself.

Lore wrote, ” So as you know, NJWT has been in existence since 2018. We currently have almost 30,000 members. Over the past few weeks we have been getting FB notifications stating that we went against Community Standards. When we clicked on the notifications, there wasn’t a particular post or comment referenced. Often it would say “partly false information” or something generic like that. The past few days, we had been getting many of these notifications, again with no clarity. Saturday morning while I was at a Trump rally in PA., my co-director texted that our group had been shut down. My stomach dropped. I was infuriated. It was difficult for me to contact anyone because my reception was poor.

Anyway, I asked my co-director to start a new group “NJWT” and we notified people and started inviting people. That group grew like wildfire, I think it got to around 5K by that afternoon. It is now 18K. At the same time, two of the admins in the group reached out to lawyers, media, etc. My co-director, Priscilla reached out to a NJ media outlet who had just interviewed us. immediately put out an article covering the story. We tweeted President Trump, we reached out to many contacts we have and then at around 1am, President Trump tweeted the article and said “@FACEBOOK Put them back NOW!”  We were literally astonished that he found out and actually tweeted about it.

Well, FB put us back up and they must have said that it was an error because President Trump again tweeted “Being restored immediately. @Facebook stated that they made an “enforcement error”. Thank you!”  Truly remarkable that he supported us in the midst of a grueling campaign schedule. That alone speaks volumes as to what he stands for and fights for.

For me, it was a sign that everything will be good. He will win re-election and all of his supporters will be rewarded with four more years of a president who fights for us every day. Our group was beyond thrilled to be back up and loved the fact that the President stood up for us.

New Jersey is truly energetic and enthused and motivated to re-elect President Trump. I have never in my life seen such support for anyone running for president as I have seen here in NJ over the last few months. It is astonishing. There are boat parades, car parades, rallies, marches, flag-waving, and more.

This is happening all over NJ every single weekend. I would not be surprised if NJ flipped RED. The enthusiasm is out of this world. People who are joining our group are Republican, Democrat, and Independent. Our state has been locked down with draconian measures by our governor and so many people are frustrated and infuriated with him.

So many businesses have been lost. We are expecting tax increases. People are leaving the state. And MANY are now voting RED. Unfortunately, we have universal mail-in voting so we won’t have election results for at least two weeks after the election. This has been very frustrating for our group as well. Everyone wanted to vote in person.

We literally had to educate the group on how to vote because there was so much misinformation floating around. We had County Clerks interviewed in the group to explain the process and we reminded members every day how to submit their ballots. I think we were successful in getting the right info to everyone in order to have their vote count.

Honestly, at this point I think we have done all that we can at this point in the group as far as the election and voting goes. We will continue to support each other in the coming days as we look forward to the re-election of President Trump and then we will plan a celebration. This group has been a blessing. It has given me so much hope in knowing that the “silent majority” is not just a saying. It is real. It is alive. It is growing.

And it is SILENT NO MORE.”

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