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Ex-Michigan Deputy Attorney General Alleges Detroit Counters Assigned Fraudulent Ballots to Non-Voters

Zachary Larsen, former deputy attorney general for Michigan, produced an affidavit that made several shocking claims about how ballots were being counted in Detroit.

Larsen served in both the Bill Schuette (R) and Dana Nessel (D) administrations. He worked as a poll challenger in Detroit for the counting of the votes.

Larsen said that campaign workers, against their instructions, were pulling the security envelope open enough to see some of the candidates the voter had checked off.

He said in that way they could decide which votes to count and which ones to put in with the problem ballots. I am assuming that they were counting every vote for Biden. At least one time apiece.

According to Larsen:

The first ballot scanned came in as a match to an eligible voter. But the next several ballots that were scanned did not match any eligible voter in the poll book.

When the scan came up empty, the first official would type in the name “Pope” that brought up a voter by that last name.

I reviewed the running list of scanned in ballots in the computer system, and it appeared that the voter had already been counted as having voted. Then the first official appeared to assign a number to a different voter as I observed a completely different name that was added to the list of voters at the bottom of a running tab of processed ballots on the right side of the screen.

That same official would then make a handwritten notation on her “supplemental poll book,” which was a hard copy list that she had in front of her at the table.

Larsen said:

“I was concerned that this practice of assigning names and numbers indicated that a ballot was being counted for a non-eligible voter who was not in either the poll book or the supplemental poll book.”

“From my observation of the computer screen, the voters were certainly not in the official poll book. Moreover, this appeared to be the case for the majority of the voters whose ballots I had personally observed being scanned.”

Larsen said he tried to move in closer to get a better look but officials would only let him within six feet of the actual counting. Larsen’s observations are being used in a lawsuit filed by Wayne County residents Cheryl A. Constatino and Edward P. McCall Jr. . The lawsuit names the City of Detroit and Detroit Election Commission, Detroit City Clerk Janice M. Winfrey, and the Wayne County Board of Canvassers as defendants.

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