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Ex-deputy Assistant AG: Trump Received ‘Absolutely Insane’ Legal Advice Before J6


During Tuesday’s clown show at the J6 hearings, the committee attempted to draw lines where none existed using evidence that would get them laughed out of any other courtroom.

The J6 crowd pulled drafted (but not sent) Tweets from Trump’s Twitter account and tried to use them as evidence that he intended for the Capitol protest to turn violent.

What could be more ridiculous than entering an unsent tweet into evidence? Having to reveal that Trump did not write it. The tweet was drafted by someone else and Trump declined to send it. The message urged supporters to ‘stop the steal’.

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree gave his take on Tuesday’s January 6 committee hearings with Neil Cavuto on “Your World” and explained that the only thing the J6 committee essentially proved is that Trump was receiving ‘insane legal advice’ ahead of January 6th.

Tom Dupree:

“Yeah. It’s really interesting just seeing this whole timeline playing out. And today, of course, we heard a lot about that meeting at the White House that seemed to have gotten a little bit out of hand, to say the least.

I mean, we always knew there was a little bit of crazy in the White House, but now we hear that there was a lot of crazy in the days before January 6th with people giving the president just absolutely insane, in my opinion, legal advice.

It’s also interesting that the president clearly had some decision points here that many of his cabinet secretaries, and senior officials were saying, look, after December 14, you know, this election is over. It’s time to acknowledge defeat. It’s time to move on. This election is done.”

Dupree in the interview made it clear that he felt Trump was responsible for any violence that erupted at the Capitol.

I think some would argue that there were efforts made on January 6th to try and ensure Trump could not run in future elections.

Even if you don’t subscribe to either school of thought you have to admit that no matter the outcome of that protest, the US government was not endangered or being overthrown.

As we have seen in actual coups with other countries, the military would have to of been in on it—Which of course they weren’t.

If things had continued, the military would have likely been sent in to eliminate any threats because that’s their job.

This only sort of proves the popular argument that J6 was a plot to block Trump from running again, explaining the purpose of these hearings.

The fact that the committee was allowed to enter ‘non-evidence’ into evidence might seem laughable but as seen with Dupree’s new opinion of Trump’s role, they were at least slightly successful in blurring the lines between fact and fiction Tuesday.

Erica Carlin
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