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‘Everybody Is Afraid’: Kenosha Residents Appear To Pivot Toward Trump Due To Democratic Leadership Amid Riots

The voters in Kenosha , Wisconsin are rethinking their loyalty to the Democratic party now that the riots have hit home. The residents are scared for their lives and for their jobs. People who worked for companies rioters burned to the ground will likely never get a chance to resume their jobs. Those who could afford to will have second thoughts about risking it all in and rebuilding.

Those jobs could move to cities or states with Republican leadership that does not support domestic terrorists. This is already happening in cities such as Portland, New York and Seattle. States with no income tax, such as Texas and Florida may very well reap the benefits. It’s like giving yourself a pay raise. The cost of living is much cheaper as well.

Wisconsin went for Trump in a very tight race in 2016. A shift in a reliably Democratic city could provide the margin of victory for the president. If Trump should win Minnesota and Wisconsin, he could afford to lose Pennsylvania and Michigan and still retain his office.

Rioters have set the city on fire and if they follow the lead in other cities, residential areas could be next. That brings the problems home for the residents living there. The perception and the reality of the situation are that people see Democrats as supporting the rioters.

John Geraghty, 41 said:

“It’s crazy that it’s now happening in my home city. We have to have a serious conversation about what are we going to do about it. It doesn’t seem like the powers that be want to do much.”

Kenosha is not a city that has become used to such things as these riots. They came about because police shot a suspect after he fought with two police officers. He then broke free and opened the driver’s door and reached inside. At that point he was shot.

Police found a knife on the driver’s side of the car.


The day that Joe Biden goes out and puts his life on the line by allowing a suspect to grab his weapon is the day I’ll accept his answer to the problem. Therefore, his words ring hollow since he is not the one whose life is in danger. But, it’s not, so I choose to ignore him.

For the first time, Biden condemned the violence of the riots but he did that only because the polling tells him to. He says he is against the riots but he has refused to condemn them before.

The rioting was mentioned many times during the RNC convention but did not even get a side note from the Democrats. It’s not hard to see why so many voters think the Democrats are siding with then rioters and that is why they are dropping in the polls.

Joe Biden did not get a bump from the DNC convention but President Trump did. President Trump will also get a bump from the RNC convention because they spoke of hope, not gloom and doom.

From The Daily Caller

Geraghty, a former Marine, told the Times his city began to resemble a “war zone” and that Democrats were “letting people down big time.” He also believes Trump bungled his management of the coronavirus pandemic, describing it as “laughable,” and that he didn’t like how Trump talked. 

But he also said that it seemed the Democratic Party seemed most interested in attacking Trump and calling him a racist, an accusation made so often that it was only alienating people.

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