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Democrat promises

Ever Wonder Why Progressive Elites Are So Regressive?

Description English: A Gilded Age cartoon depicting monopolists intensely watching the activities of the United States congress. This cartoon depicts the elites as bloated giants, resembling large money bags, almost suggesting that they run congress through financial means. Date 11 March 2018 Source Own work Author Nashhinton

One thing that hit most Americans like a gut punch is that after four years of a president who fought for the American worker, who made it a priority to keep his promises, and who brought America back to its prominence in the world with a soaring economy and full employment for every demographic and by all standards, the thing the has blown all of our minds is that after surviving last year with draconian lockdowns, with bankrupting small businesses across the country, and after experiencing the “summer of love” filled with riots and looting and businesses burning to the ground, businesses that had nothing to do with the rage that was happening in Democrat-run cities is that after putting up with all of that the same people who destroyed the world are now in charge of everything and they are targeting the great unwashed, the hated bourgeoisie, for destruction.

How we watched America turn around and become the country that our Founding Fathers wanted for us only to have it stolen away from us in the blink of an eye by people who won’t even acknowledge how the America First movement made America great again.  And this happened all while the majority of Americans resisted the Marxist ideology that has taken over.

To be an icon of pop culture, a popular influencer on social media, to be a prestigious university, a powerful news anchor, a Hollywood starlet, a retired Congressman who now sits on the board of a news network, or a superstar athlete requires you either prove your progressive bona fides or you give up everything you believe in to join the Woke Supremacy.

Ninety-eight percent of Big Tech political donations were given to Democrats in 2020 according to the Center for Responsive Politics.  And cash wasn’t all they gave.  Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other tech tyrants gave in-kind donations to Democrats when they censored conservative speech on their platforms and deplatformed people and companies who opposed the progressive Woke Supremacy.  When Mark Zuckerberg spends $400 million of his own money to help solely Democrats get out the vote you know there’s something going on behind the scenes.  I don’t care how much money someone has, people do not give $400 million for any cause without a damn good reason.

Amazon has a lot of business websites using its web services and they have demonstrated that they will kick them off simply because the Woke Supremacy demanded it.   Google fixes their search results by pushing progressive result links to the top while making sure conservative links stay below, violating anti-trust laws because many businesses pay to have their links come up before other companies that didn’t pay as much for the same search keywords.

Big Tech runs the world in which we live in as the Information Age is all about technology and how information is handled through technology.  It’s interesting how liberals were always against monopolies because of the power they garner over the “little guy,” yet they champion the Big Tech tyrants who use the exact same strategies as the robber barons in the 1800s.  And they don’t even care enough to hide the fact that they help to cancel conservatives for the same things progressives do on a daily basis but never meet the same fate.

What’s worse is the progressives on these platforms told conservatives they didn’t want them there and so the conservatives finally got up their own platforms and they left the progressive ones.  But now the same tech giants who wanted them off their platforms are taking down conservative platforms because they use some of the services to run their own technical equipment.  Amazon dropping Parler from their services is a Prime example [pun intended].   Do you see how that works? We supported these platforms for over a decade thinking they were allowing everyone to express themselves and to use the services provided.  We helped them to grow and become stronger and get rich at the same time. Now they’re using the power we helped them amass against us in the cruelest ways they can.

The masters of Silicon Valley have no love for the First Amendment’s Free Speech protections.  They rule with brute force to silence any opposition to the Democratic Party’s ideology in a vicious cycle of pay-for-play.  They donate money and in-kind services to the Democrats who in turn will never regulate them out of business.  Progressives who have always had problems with rich corporations have no such apprehensions against Big Tech because they are the censors who silence the opposition.

There are some valuable lessons to take away from what recently happened in the GameStop stock drama.  Rich hedge fund guys who think they are much smarter than the great unwashed retail investors make fortunes by targeting a vulnerable company’s stock by borrowing, not buying, that company’s stock from people who own the stock and then they begin working to drive the price of the stock down after they have already set themselves up to sell at a certain price.  It’s a great scam that’s made legal because these guys donate a boatload of money to the Woke Supremacy that now runs DC.  Think about it.  They don’t have to purchase the stock in order to make money from it and the people they borrow the stock from get paid a fee to allow them to borrow the stock until they’re done with it and then give it back.   So those people not only continue to make gains on the stock if it goes up but they also get paid these fees from people they loan the stock out to, the hedge fund wolves, and then after they kill the stock, and make money by selling the stocks short, they give the stock back to the people that they borrowed it from.  It’s a great scam… for them.

The other side of this story that the Woke Supremacy will never talk about is that they kill an innocent company that could have made smart business decisions that would have brought them back from their vulnerability, and they also kill the investments of the great unwashed, the retail investors who have purchased those stocks only to watch them plunge because of the shenanigans of the hedge fund guys.

Well, a group of the great unwashed played the same game of the hedge fund guys only their tactic was to purchase a lot of the stock to make the price go up.  There’s nothing illegal about that.  While the hedge fund guys go on television finance shows to trash the company they targeted to get the stock to drop, a group of Reddit users got together to collectively purchase GameStop stock and made the price soar to over a hundred times what it was worth prior to their collective purchases.

The hedge fund guys lost fortunes while the retail investors did pretty well.  And that’s when we learned that the system is rigged.  They cried foul and got the powers that be involved to trash the great unwashed as if they did something illegal when all they did was beat the really smart rich hedge fund guys at their own game.  They were enraged.  They compared the retail investors to the Capitol rioters from January 6, and the dopey progressives in media and social media repeated it.

The hedge fund jerks tried to say that what the Reddit guys did was unhealthy for the system while censoring the fact that what they do every day is unhealthy for the system.  Both the Reddit guys and the hedge fund losers forget is that taking actions that create artificial gains and losses is unhealthy for the financial system.  The hedge fund guys just don’t want to admit it.

So the hedge fund guys got powerful people they know to step in and screw the great unwashed making it so that they could no longer purchase GameStop stock and could only sell their shares, which in the end helped the connivers in the hedge fund companies who wanted to destroy GameStop’s stock in the first place.

What we are learning from the rich financial guys to the Democrats in power to the mainstream media frauds that support both of the latter is that they have always hated the great unwashed, and they think the day should be like the European aristocrats of the golden days where they shouldn’t have to work for a living because they are so much smarter than the rest of us.  Just ask them and they’ll tell you.  I can guarantee you the overwhelming majority of these clouds have never worked a paper out, have never washed dishes for a living or swept floors cleaned grease out of the fryer. No, none of these people ever work jobs like that and they look down on those of us who have or still do. They completely hate our guts because we don’t properly worship them as our betters.

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