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Even CNN Isn’t Buying the Biden Administration’s Attempt at Redefining a Recession

When you’re a Democrat president, and you lose CNN…..

Even the butt-kissing CNN isn’t falling for the Biden administration’s attempt at redefining what constitutes a recession.

Last week, the Biden administration thought it would get away with changing the definition of a recession, which since the dawn of recessions has been defined as 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, by spinning that it really isn’t the definition of a recession.

You can’t blame them for trying because so far the misinformation news media has gone along with every other redefining of terms Democrat administrations have come up with. Men can get pregnant, Putin caused high gas prices, and the vaccines work, just to name a few.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked President Biden how concerned should Americans be for the possibility of a recession. The president’s response scrapped any pretense he was going to be honest.

“We’re not going to be in a recession, in my view,” Biden said.

In Biden’s view, the vaccines would protect you from getting COVID, inflation was transitory, and we are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated, all of which are untrue.

A panel of pundits on CNN’s “The Lead” ripped the Biden administration for launching a pre-emptive strike against talk about a recession once Thursday’s economic report comes out, which economists are predicting will be pretty bad.

“The Biden administration is trying to point out the definition of a recession is nuanced. But I got to tell you, I struggle with this. I get why they want to do it from a political perspective, but you can’t fake this!” host Kasie Hunt said.

Folks,  this is CNN! When a Democrat administration has lost CNN, it’s time to reevaluate every decision you’ve made over the last two years.

Chris Cillizza, CNN editor at large, mocked what Biden told Doocy in his response.

“I was laughing to myself with the ‘in my view’ thing. Like in my view, I should be drafted to the NBA,” Cillizza said.

“It doesn’t really matter what you think,” he added. “There is a technical definition, two straight quarters of negative economic growth. They clearly believe that is likely to come to pass later this week. They’re trying to prebut it.”

Cillizza acknowledged that everyone gets why the administration would want to change the definition of a recession, but blasted them for doing it, anyway.

“We have these terms for a reason. You don’t have to like it. Of course, they don’t like it because the economy — you know, Joe Biden’s handling of the economy was 25% or 30% in our most recent poll. It’s a problem for them; this adds to the problem,” Cillizza said. “But you don’t get to change the nomenclature in the middle of a campaign because it doesn’t work for you.”

Democrats in Congress must be pulling their hair out over this.  Biden is their guy.  Going into the November midterms,  they must be trying to figure out how to distance themselves from Biden because he’s a total disaster for the country.

Woke Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) refused to support the idea of Joe Biden running for reelection,  saying, “I don’t want to answer that question.” When have you ever known a Democrat politician to stop talking to a reporter?

When you lose CNN and Cori Bush in the same week,  you’d better start thinking about retirement.


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