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Essential Workers Strike: Dems Take Advantage of Pandemic To Demand $15.00 an Hour

In typical leftist fashion, street soldiers and Marxists have taken an opportunity to capitalize on chaos, so while the country is shut down in Pandemic fears with only “essential workers” allowed to have some normalcy, the left has designed a Strike- for Essential workers, to get the demands they want to be fulfilled.

Thousands of workers across the U.S. will #StrikeForBlackLives today, including nurses, essential workers and fast food workers. They demand an end to systemic inequality, driven by racism, exploitation and poverty wages. At noon in 20+ cities, they will take a knee for 8 min,” AJ digital News, with 1 Million followers on Twitter, posted.

Here is a video of their march:

“What do we want- Justice. When do we want it-Now,” the crowd chants.

According to their site, “On July 20, workers across the country will walk off the job as part of the #StrikeForBlackLives. Even if you can’t go on strike or join us in the streets, you can still stand up for Black lives.

Add your name to the 8:46 pledge in memory of George Floyd and all those taken too soon by unnecessary police violence and commit to:

  • Taking a knee for 8m 46s wherever you are on July 20 at noon, -OR-
  • Holding 8m 46s of silence on July 20 at noon, -OR-
  • Walking off your job for 8m 46s.”

And it also has to do with their demands for $15.00 and demanding their candidates get into office and other left-leaning issues that never do well in elections.  See Demands HERE.

And they have a celebrity face to use her social media to make it all look good:

Black Lives Matters is a major promoter.

Media allies carry the messaging.

Celebrity Community Organizers have been engaged.

The group targets Walmart, McDonald’s, Hospital Staff and Farmers.

It is almost as if the whole “Pandemic” fear porn has been very lucrative for the Democrat party, who can’t seem to win any elections when the people show up to the polls.



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