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Eric Swalwell Was Slammed By Twitter For Blaming Republicans For California Church Shooting Without Any Evidence

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), the disgusting man who slept with an Asian woman he didn’t know was a Chinese spy, was slammed with backlash after he blamed Republicans for a horrific shooting at a church in California.

On Sunday, police were still investigating the shooting that took place at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods when Swalwell went all political and began claiming that the shooter’s motivation had to be over something the Republican Party did.

There were no real facts yet on the shooting when Swalwell, also known as Sir Farts A Lot, went into blame mode to throw an attack at Republicans who had nothing to do with the shooter.

Swalwell took to social media to be the scumbag that he is.

“Sorry @housegop that the parishioners hog-tied your boy.” tweeted

The congressman was referring to the fact that parishioners in the church hog-tied the shooter.

He is, unfortunately, an elected member of the US House of Representatives. For him to speak this way about other members of the House, with total disregard for facts, truth, or the safety of Republican House members, has to be against some rule the House has against doing so.

But we shouldn’t hold our breath. When it was revealed that Swalwell had a relationship with a Chinese Spy named Fang Fang, he should have immediately been pulled off the House Intelligence Committee and he wasn’t. Democrat leadership has this unwritten rule that you never punish a fellow Democrat for wrongdoing. Instead, you find a way to ignore it or explain it away so that the person condemning the action is the one to be at fault. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi falls under this line of thinking. She believes that even an acknowledgement of wrongdoing from one of her party’s members would be an admonishment of the whole Klan.

Police on Monday said they believe the shooter attacked this particular church due to his resentment and hatred for the Taiwanese people, going further to call it a “politically motivated hate incident.”

I guess Fang Fang taught Swalwell anything.

They identified the suspect as David Chou. Chou, 68, is an immigrant from China. He lived in numerous places in the US before he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chou’s bail was set at $1 million.

People outraged by Swalwell’s petty, cold, and childish behavior slammed the Democrat for blaming Republicans with no evidence to back up his accusations. It was the same old Democrat lie that Republicans are the racist ones.

To make accusations of racism without presenting sufficient evidence makes you a piece of garbage. Will Swalwell now be banned from Twitter for spreading disinformation?

Independent journalist Andy Ngo put Swalwell in his place with common sense logic.

“The suspect is a man from China who the FBI has opened a hate crime investigation into because he allegedly targeted the parishioners based on their Taiwanese identity. Given your past personal connections to a Chinese Communist spy, it’s more likely the suspect was “your boy.””

Journalist Tom Elliott responded to Swalwell’s tweet saying, “Eric you’re supposed to inject the steroids in your ass not your temple”

Jason “Storm” Nelson responded with what I have always thought of Swalwell.

Author and commentator Justin Haskins had pretty much the same belief.

“I’m beginning to think you’re just an all around horrible human being who needs to reevaluate his entire life.”

“A representative is openly celebrating the death of an innocent person,” read another tweet. “Miserable POS.”

Another user tweeted, “This guy might not be the dumbest member of Congress, but it’s likely.”

Jacob Airey did a play on Swalwell’s wording.

“You let a Chinese spy hogtie you. #SorryNotSorry”


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